Be Careful What You Wish For

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How long will Syria’s government last? The lessons learned in Libya may have tempered the US response in Syria until it was released this week that Obama was secretly supplying weapons to the “rebels”. But this was not really a secret: media outside the mainstream and this country have been reporting on the US rebel (Muslim Brotherhood) support for months. The buildup and planning of US aid was reported here on June 11th. Debka reported on May 22 that Obama was supplying the rebels with anti-tank missiles to defend against Russian T-72 tanks.

Putin has masterfully put the United Nations in checkmate as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admits:

“The conflict in Syria is a test of everything this organization stands for.”

The only sure thing in Syria’s future is that Russia will keep its naval bases in Tartus and Latakia intact at any cost. With Putin acting as Assad’s big brother, the opposition forces have been kept in check and are now fractured. As outlined below, there are now several factions in Syria which are vying for control when the country collapses.

The Obama administration is supplying arms to overthrow a foreign nation: again without Congressional approval. And definitely without the approval of the American people. Who among us would support supplying arms to the Muslim Brotherhood? Or al Qaeda? But we are and Congress does nothing.

The United States supplied the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan in their war with Russia. The consequences of this “support” became the Taliban and eventually the tragedy of 911.  Syria has become a bankrupt nation whose people rose up against a tyrannical government with the help/instigation of superpowers.  What is Obama wishing for in Syria? Let’s hope his dream of establishing a new Caliphate under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood will become just another unfulfilled fantasy in the mind of this pretender.

David DeGerolamo

Syrian fighter jets strike Aleppo, Assad rides crest of disintegrating country

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was voicing the general consensus when he said Friday, Aug. 3, “The conflict in Syria is a test of everything this organization stands for.” He stopped short of giving the UN a failed mark. “World powers must overcome their rivalries to end the proxy war in Syria dividing the country into parts, in which different militias fight each other,” he said.

Nonetheless, the resolution approved by the general assembly roundly condemned the Assad regime and rapped the Security Council – but had no teeth.

Ban was speaking of a future danger. DEBKAfile reports it is already happening. Day by day, new militias spring up to fight the Assad regime – five in the last 48 hours. They fall into three main categories: they represent one Syrian ethnic minority or another, Islamists streaming in from across the Middle East, or rebels groups armed and backed by Arab and Muslim intelligence bodies.

In Aleppo, the FSA has been displaced at the head of the campaign against government troops by a militia established by the Muslim Brotherhood and a rival set up by radical affiliates of al Qaeda, which is a hodgepodge of jihadists from Libya, the Gaza Strip, and Egyptian Sinai. Saudi and Qatari intelligence services are competing for the favors of these militias by supplying them with arms.

American intelligence analysts keeping watch on Syria warned Saturday, Aug. 4, that if the proliferation of fighting militias taking part in the conflict goes on, Syria will soon have more than a hundred mini-armies, some of them Christian and Druze. In no time they will be fighting each other.

American and European military sources explain their reluctance to provide the Syrian rebel movement with heavy anti-tank and anti-air weapons capable of tipping the scales of the fighting in Aleppo by their uncertainty about whose hands they will end up in.

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