Be patient and pray for our republic.

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a follower
a follower
1 year ago

Patience is a virtue.
Just because one is patient does not mean we are not prepared.
Just because we have not snapped does not mean that we have not made our choices.
Not what you want to hear? Is he too a pacifist?
Continuing to regurgitate the same articles, the same hot headed , non changing attitude helps who. Aesop? Really why at this junction would i give him credence ? i’ve read what he has said about vaccines, masks etc…. Fear,fear,fear.
With attitudes such as i have seen we will be murdering each other, not the True enemies, each other, brother against brother.
You say we’ve been played, and yet we continue to follow along right into the age old trap that has been placed before us.
Wake the hell up and smell what’s before you. Do not let your emotions lead you into thinking its the God of Heaven you have been listening to!
i say these things as a man that has been there, this is why i recognize a hot head. This is why i can see when you are simply listening to yourself and what you want, what others want, and not what God needs, What He demands.