Be the Free Guy: Social-Proof Conformity Crumbles with Simple Action by One Person

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enn ess
enn ess
1 month ago

Whittle is 100% correct. It’s part of us, perhaps in our DNA, or at least ingrained in us from birth. Goes back, I believe, to the days when everyone was part of a “tribe”. Much easier to supply yourself with food, shelter, clothing, safety, if you work in numbers, which sometimes require ignoring what you know is best for You as the individual, as opposed to acting in conformity with the many.
And here we are today, learned behavior of not being able to think as an individual, only being able to see outcomes as a group. Which is exactly why the democommies, Antifa/BLM, and the woke retards are so effective, they are playing on everyones groupthink. To say nothing of the pandemic bullshit.
Be the individual you are, be ungovernable. Be the cat!
When the governed become ungovernable – Let Them Herd Cats…….

strider 777
strider 777
1 month ago

A very similar type of psychological programming has been going on in our public education system for quite a few decades. It is, simply put, indoctrination based on godless, immoral communism. America has sown the wind, now it will reap the whirlwind.