BEATEN and SPAT UPON. Is it time for real AMERICA-LOVING anti-fascists to rise up?

By nature, American patriots have always been anti-fascist. We support the entire Bill of Rights, and we certainly understand the importance of protecting the First Amendment. Everyone has a voice and a right to express their opinions, political or religious.

We may not agree with the commentary of our political adversaries, and may not always support the ideas behind them, but we know the dark future of a nation that forgoes the right to freedom of expression; examples abound throughout the communist and socialist nations across the globe. History is littered with the corpses of those who fell to tyrants.

What if the current establishment deep-state coup is successful and our duly-elected president is impeached by the globalist tyrants in Congress? We can’t count on republican leadership to back him up (McConnell would love to see him gone). Our president has few loyal friends in the DC Swamp.

Or, what if this blatantly unfair and unjust media circus damages President Trump to the point that it actually drives down his approval numbers and the liberals win back the presidency?

Perhaps the globalist cabal can win by stuffing ballot boxes via ballot harvesting, or hacking the voting machines.

Will we take to the streets and fight these injustices—or will we collapse back into our recliners and shake our fists at our television sets mumbling, “Just wait until next time”?

When will we mobilize? After impeachment? After November 3, 2020 and a liberal president is elected? Is casting our vote the sum total of our willingness to struggle against the upcoming tyranny of liberal globalism?

The time is nigh

With the election less than thirteen months away, we are late in the fourth quarter. The media and their liberal political cohorts have been campaigning against our president for three years—that’s how far ahead they are. Polls (yes, I know they are skewed) are showing a dangerous creep towards anti-Trump sentiments, helped along by the likes of Mitt Romney and Shanghai-Mitch McConnell, just to name a few.


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a follower
a follower
1 year ago

i do not think for one moment Trump will be removed from office, by impeachment or by voting.
infarct i will be more amazed if he leaves office at all. After all many do believe he is chosen to lead us in the correct direction.
And perhaps he has, for good or bad,come what may.

“The line between life and death is determined by what we are willing to do.”
Does anyone else see the irony between this quote and my utmost 10/16?

“Will we take to the streets and fight these injustices?”
Like the world does and is doing at this moment? Show me where this is working? Show me where 1000 years of war has brought 1000 years of peace.
What i have witnessed in my short time here is lawlessness bringing, more lawlessness.
Deceit breeding more deceit!