Benjamin Netanyahu Stands Tall at the United Nations

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the United Nations today (September 23, 2011) regarding the question of a Palestinian state and peace in the Middle East. This segment shows a world leader who stands up for his country and principles.


The prime minister of Israel had no problem dressing down the United Nations or as he recalled a rabbi’s label of this less than venerable institution as “the House of Many Lies”. As he spoke, Israelis knew that their leader would never compromise when representing their best interests and the truth.

Americans should not forget the face of a true statesman and leader. We should also never forget the consequences of electing a politician who has no interest in representing his country or people.


When we go to the elections next year, we must strive to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our founding fathers. We must elect a statesman and a leader who will make us feel proud again as Mr. Netanyahu made Israel feel today.

David DeGerolamo

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