BFYTW, State Level

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There are now a total of 77 sanctuaries across Virginia.

Famous Coin Tosses In History
Captain Custer, meet Captain Sitting Bull.
Captain Sitting Bull, meet Captain Custer.

Captain Custer, call the toss in the air.

Captain Custer calls heads… it’s TAILS.

Captain Sitting Bull elects to kick off.
Captain Custer, you and your men set up down in that hollow, while Captain Sitting Bull and all the Indians in the world ride right down on you.”

If this sort of thing catches on, it’s a statistical inevitability that one of the annual Pineland Games in Appalachia is going to be conducted for keeps, with live ammo.

I would short any stock you may have in the statist Powers That Be in such a contest. Bet on the G-Forces of Pineland. Bigly.
And go long on ammo and rope company stocks, while laying in epic quantities of popcorn and suitable beverages.

If they push things a little harder, VA Gov. “We’re Grabbing Your AR-15s” Northam may only serve 1/2 a term. With a sharp drop at the end.

“For the record, we did not hang Gov. Northam. On the contrary, after we applied hot tar and chicken feathers to his naked body, we simply attempted to see if he could fly. One of our more safety-minded members suggested tying a safety tether to his neck in case it worked. We did so, but unfortunately, his airworthiness was not what he had hoped when he attempted his aerial endeavors. Though we note he did try to kick and propel himself mightily for some minutes after his first launch.”

And as noted by John Wilder, this is the beginning steps of organizing an alternative government alongside existing structures, which is classic preparation for a schism turning kinetic.

In “the birthplace of presidents”? How delightfully apropos.

This information should guide your future planning, kids.

Now, if only Lindsey Graham, or someone younger, will kindly do us the courtesy of caning some Democrat worthy near to death in the Senate well during impeachment proceedings, our joy may be made complete. The home version has been tried the other way several times, but both Rep. Steve Scalise and Sen. Rand Paul proved to be made of sterner stuff than their Special Snowflake assailants.

No one in the moribund NRA could be found with a pulse rate, nor reached for comment.


h/t CaptainsJournal
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