Biden: The Barbarians Are At The Gate

Another example of our federal government starting a proletarian revolution to usurp power.

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10 years ago

From Wikipedia:

“The term originates in the Greek civilization, meaning “anyone who is not Greek”, and thus was often used to refer to other people…”

“Barbarian and savage are pejorative terms used to refer to a person who is perceived to be uncivilized. The word is often used either in a general reference to a member of a nation or ethnos, typically a tribal society as seen by an urban civilization…”

So, I gladly accept the label ‘barbarian’. It suits me: I am not a member of the ruling elite, I’m proud of my tribe, and I want no part of a civilization that is capable of producing and praising a Joe Biden or a Barack Obama.

My tribe is strong and we will defend ourselves and our culture of individualism. Hoffa wants to declare war on us? Fine. Obama praises Hoffa for this action? Even better because our enemy is more clearly defined.

As we are labeled ‘barbarian’ I encourage Obama, Biden and Hoffa to reflect on this phrase also of Greek origin (ref. Wikipedia):

Molōn labe! (Μολὼν λαβέ; approximate Ancient Greek pronunciation [molɔ̀ːn labé], Modern Greek [moˈlon laˈve]), meaning “Come and take them” is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. It corresponds roughly to the modern equivalent English phrases: “over my dead body”, “bring it on,” “from my cold dead hands”, or perhaps most closely, “come and get it”.

You want your war? Come and get it, assholes.