Big money wants cheap labor, wages driven down, and amnesty

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

A number of big donors, large cheap labor industry groups, and some conservative groups masquerading as truly being concerned for the USA have been running ads in the media and want an amnesty for illegal immigrants, a doubling of current legal immigration from one million persons per year to two million plus, and pretend this is going to be a wonderful thing for the USA.

The high-tech industry, the United Nations Chamber of Commerce (formerly the US Chamber of Commerce), the Koch Brothers affiliates, Americans for a Conservative Direction (funded in large part by Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook who funneled big bucks to Obama) and other groups have been paying for media spots on radio and TV to support mass immigration and amnesty.  Ask yourself whey these groups would spend big bucks on radio and TV spots unless they had something to gain from mass immigration?

I suppose they forgot to explain to the over twenty million citizens in the USA who are either unemployed or are working part-time but want and cannot find a full-time job how large numbers of legal immigrants (also needing jobs) and giving legal work permits and an amnesty to illegal immigrants will lower the unemployment rate (note the Congressional Budget Office has already said increases in immigration will increase unemployment and drive down wages in the U.S.

We also are being told how mass immigration to the U.S. and an amnesty will grow our economy.  It is true that people buy “stuff”, but we can sell them stuff where they are —- we don’t have to move everyone physically to the USA.  Actually it’s very inefficient to do so —- sell them stuff where they now live overseas and we won’t have to raise taxes to build more new schools and roads and bridges in the U.S. just for large numbers of immigrants (by the way our existing roads and bridges are crumbling from lack of attention).  With high unemployment how is it taxpayer efficient to have mass immigration while we provide unemployed citizens with public benefits longer and the unemployed have little to spend in the ecnomy? The “grow the economy with mass immigration” mantra is just voodoo economics, as it benefits companies who want cheap labor and those who want to drive down wages in the USA in general.  I could rob a bank and buy my wife a fur coat and a Lincoln and claim I was growing the economy, but that would be unlawful and not be good policy, just like the bad public policy of amnesty along with more mass immigration.


Ron Woodard

(919) 460-8156

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