So let me tell you what I want to do NOW.

I want to do a web series called THE COMMON SENSE RESISTANCE. I want it to be set in an apocalyptic future. I want it to be a series of very short messages – two minutes, tops – sent via pirate signal into the information net. I want it to be about people who can fix things and be independent on the run from people that want to control people. I want them to be young, outnumbered, scared, deadly, capable, smart and cunning. I want them to live off the grid, in abandoned factories, and sewers, and crawl through the rubble trying to put the pieces back together… and I want those common-sense messages to have life-or-death stakes; where people literally risk and often lose their lives getting out information on Laffer curves and The Unseen Hand and private property and individual rights in a world where all these things have vanished and are not likely to come back.

I want the Common Sense Resistance to be the story of young people flipping the bird to the big-state, all-seeing, all-powerful Big Brother.

I also think that this is the kind of thing that could also quickly turn into user-submitted content. Nothing would make me happier than having other people contribute threads to this story, because these kinds of things are easy to make.

What do you think?


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