Black Bloc in Atlanta 11/22/20

The first half of the above video shows masked black bloc armed with AR-15s in Atlanta. Imagine the reaction of the media if the Tea Party had brandished AR-15s and wore masks in our peaceful protests.

War is coming and one side already is locked and loaded while the other side patiently waits for the rule of law and pontificates on keyboards. I have faith in our patriots but there now are time constraints in play. Communists have been patient for the past 100 years but they are in their end game for the Great Experiment’s demise.

David DeGerolamo

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james murray
6 months ago

easy pickins then it black Friday combat shopping

6 months ago

Powder is scarce and must not be wasted. Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes. Then aim low. Aim at their waistbands, aim at the handsome coats; pick off the officers.
Israel Putnam 1858

We do have soldiers doing battle right now in the Trump legal team.Their efforts could be a game changer and wound the entire system world wide.I have voted it seems now for no reason in every election and by the enemies trickery and treason the whole world has been stolen by evil forces.
This is bigger than any of us.This could take out all the top officers on their side and then when their foot soldiers go hot,we do the clean up.
I for one am not about to undermine an effort that could do more damage to the corrupt system in a few weeks than we could in years of bloodshed.If the effort fails,the course is set.
The hot war will come.Be great if the top brass on their side were already wounded and out of action or at the least totally exposed so that at least those on the other side who still have any sense of the real facts may switch sides and join to remove the hard communists from among our society.
I’d also like to get all those facts myself first.I need to know the extent of this thing and who all the big players were.For my own personal list.

6 months ago
Reply to  David

I agree. A short time more in comparison to the time we have already been patient and waited.

I truly now believe this is a Trump planned event taking place. Just too many “random” pieces falling into place at the same time. I don’t believe in coincidences now.

Trump and therefore we, have to let this move through the courts to ensnare the remaining players AND to maintain the “hearts and minds” of the mid to under-informed Americans.

Trump currently has control of the “white hat” DOD resources and it appears they are already in the process of shutting out the “black hat” resources of the FBI, CIA, and DOJ. This gives Trump the upper hand bigly.

I believe once the election is secured through SCOTUS kicking it to the House that Trump will then invoke the insurrection act and those that have not already been “detained” through the 2018 EO and NDAA will then be “detained” through the use of his “white hat” resources.

Trump’s forces (our forces) appear to have the evidence and he now has the resources to prosecute that evidence.

The insurrection act gives the President the power to call the unorganized militia, us, if needed.

Once the election is thrown out and into the House, the reaction from the left will be immediate and violent. This is when the insurrection act will come into play and we may well be utilized in that capacity since initially the military will try to sit things out because of the high level treason that exists. So stand ready, just as Trump told the Proud Boys.

Remember that statement? I believe it had a reason.

Patience for a little longer is all I believe is needed and all I expect to give. If this apparent plan falls through or ends up not really existing, our options are as they have been and all bets are off. We really lose nothing by being patient for a few more weeks.

I personally believe this next week will begin the major unraveling of this coup. As soon as the first state falls, the rest will follow quickly. I think it will start in Georgia with PA following as soon as that case hits SCOTUS.

The downside to all this.

We all know that the marxist always tell us what they plan to do, many times through accusations of what they say WE are doing. They have for months now accused Trump of being a dictator, because that is exactly what they plan to do if given the chance.

The president DOES currently have the powers to become a dictator through the insurrection act. Those powers used to be somewhat limited, they no longer are. Research it.

So that was their plan all along, hence the build up of white supremacist accusations in the media.

So, when Trump does this, he will literally be in the position of a dictator IF he chooses. At this moment, I do not think that is his intent, however, he will deserve to be watched VERY closely. We had better not go back to sleep or we could end up much worse off.

Hope springs eternal. It appears there is a plan and that it is being implemented. Success remains to be seen but does appear to be within our grasp.

Pray for Trump, his legal team, and our Country. These will not be bloodless events unfortunately.

6 months ago
Reply to  Lordchamp

Your sentiments are well stated. I agree that we all need to be patient until all legal resources are utilized, and it will be SCOTUS, and then the House of Representatives.
BTW, if you have not seen this interview on Saturday with Lin Wood, Attorney, it is well worth your time.

Dina Romang
Dina Romang
6 months ago

Actually, we are not waiting for the communist democratic “rule of law”, the rol is what we have now. What we are waiting for is the Rule of CONSTITUTIONAL Law, the law of the Republic, and the exact opposite of the rol. Research your terms. Stop using fake news buzz phrases!

6 months ago
Reply to  Dina Romang

“Lighten up, Frances!”. er…Dina. We know what he meant. Conservatives need to stop ragging on fellow patriots over semantics. We need to bond together, not tear each other apart.