by Colin Flaherty

A Dayton, Ohio, mother of three who was nine months pregnant is now dead after she was shot in the abdomen during an episode of black mob violence.

Her child survived and is reported to be in critical condition.

The incident began late Wednesday afternoon when Dayton police broke up a large fight involving a mob of black women. Soon after, the crowd formed again. And once again fighting broke out, this time involving as many as 100 people.

Gunfire was exchanged.

It is not known whether gunshot victim, Dalyne Foster, was an active participant in the violence – or whether she was just an observer. Either way, she died at the hospital. Her brother told WHIO-TV news the child was due any day.

The Dayton incident is just the latest in a recent series of episodes of black mob violence around the country. Some on video. Some involving guns. Some involving bats and bricks and even a fork and large kitchen knives.

Almost all unreported as racial violence in the local media.


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