Bo Snerdley Interviews Donald Trump

I don’t remember Rush saying the election was rigged. Does anyone else remember this?

David DeGerolamo

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1 month ago

We see how the average New Yorker fights back. This shows me the extent of this interview. With that said.

I can remember, it was after Obama got elected, Rush told everyone when it is time to worry, he would tell them. Well, I guess a president with a fake birth certificate was nothing, treason at the highest levels was nothing, fake virus with a death “vaccines in the works nothing, a rigged election nothing.A lied about riot sponsored by the government nothing.

So I can say I never heard Rush say such a thing and I would feel safe to bet he did not. It does hurt me to say that, I was a huge fan of Rush and listened every day. In the end I was really hoping his farewell show would have been a home run and told it like it really was.

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Thomas Dowling
1 month ago

“For instance, Trump votes were so overwhelming, the number of people who had voted for Trump that the rigged system, this Dominion system with the Smartmatic software melted down. It couldn’t handle, it couldn’t cheat fast enough, it could not overcome the number of legitimate Trump votes. This is why they had to stop everything overnight.” — Rush -- Read It ALL!

1 month ago

Rush always stopped short of claiming the vote was rigged. There was a point were all the on air talent was told by the media companies to not mention vote rigging or get dropped. ALL the main stream commenters stopped, including Rush.
That told me there was honest to goodness vote rigging in both urban Back communities (cities), and communities that were purple, mixture of Dem and Rep.