Boeing to Partly Move Production Out of Washington State Following Union Vote

'Build it Here' rally against Boeing in Seattle / AP

Boeing will move portions of its airplane construction out of Washington after a local union rejected a contract offer that would have saved the company $8 billion.

A company spokesman told theWashington Free Beacon that the company had no choice but to move construction of some of its largest planes out of the Evergreen State after International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 751 rejected changes to wage and retirement plans.

“Since the union rejected the offer, we were forced to pursue all options for locating the 777X,” Boeing spokesman Doug Alder Jr. said. “That process is actively underway, although we are not disclosing which locations we are considering.”

Talks fell apart after the union balked at the company’s offer to increase retirement contributions by $2,400 per year on the condition that employees accept 401(k)-style plans, rather than the traditional retirement package. Union members currently receive defined benefit plans, which guarantee recipients a percentage of their salary after retirement.


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7 years ago

Boeing has the right idea. It is growing increasing more difficult to fight Liberalism politically any longer. They have bought off such a large sections of the population that they have almost cemented themselves into power. I really believe we need to start fighting it economically. Boeing should move out of Washington completely and setup shop in some freedom loving right to work state. Let these bastions of Liberalism die on the vine and let their states go bankrupt.

roger u
7 years ago

“The only response we can have if Boeing executives do not agree to keep the plant here is for the machinists to say the machines are here, the workers are here, we will do the job, we don’t need the executives,” Sawant said at a Monday rally.

That ought to be interesting.

“The company plans on selecting a new location for the 777X within three months”

I hope they go to a mountain state, we don’t need any more of the blue voting West Coast/Northern liberals that always seem to follow these corporate moves.