Bomb plot suspect leases Occupy warehouse in Cleveland

CLEVELAND —One of five men arrested in an alleged Ohio bridge bombing plot signed the lease for the warehouse that’s home to about a dozen protesters from the Occupy Cleveland movement, which is working to get the man’s name removed from the lease, a group spokesman said.

The $600 monthly rent for the warehouse was paid to a landlord, not to suspect Anthony Hayne, group spokesman Joseph Zitt told The Plain Dealer.

“We needed a name on the lease, and he agreed to be it,” Zitt said.

Hayne, 35, is among the five suspects accused of trying to bomb a highway bridge south of Cleveland using devices that were actually fake bombs provided through an undercover FBI employee. The others are Douglas L. Wright, 26, of Indianapolis; Brandon L. Baxter, 20, of nearby Lakewood; Connor C. Stevens, 20, of suburban Berea; and Joshua S. Stafford, 23, of Cleveland.


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Stephen Olof Wikblom
9 years ago

Hmm, entrapment.
This time the bombs were fake, but in 9/11 the wiring up of the twin towers and building 7 must have taken weeks for them (FBI, Mossad, CIA or whatever) to finish so that such buildings could come down so perfectly and at the zero gravity.
Outside of the USA we are fed on our US dominated TV screens all the crap that hollywood and your Lamestream give us.
The reason why the world (especially Northern Europe) hates USA with a vengeance is because the USA government constantly meddle in the affairs of nations and because Hollywood has always painted a picture of corruption with your police , defence forces and Governments.
Since a child, this is all my friends and I have ever known about USA of America is violence, greed and Corruption, and this knowledge is only reinforced every time we see images of US troops in countries all over the world murdering the populance in the guise of doing good when in truth, those soldiers are just the Canon fodder for the Corporations which stand to gain.

CIA stands for Corporate Initiated Action.
When the CIA say that something is not in the interests of USA, what they really mean is there is nothing in that country for the Corporations to justify US soldiers to go in and murder people for.
Even shows like ‘Judge Judy’ make many of us here in Australia think that thank God we have not got biased and corrupt Judges like her in our land.
The USA is rotten to its core.

Soon your governments will start filling your FEMA camps ready to kill those who have received the colour clothing which deems them to be terminated.

Remember, the same NAZIs which ruined Europe were given immunity from prosecution and a free ticket to come to US after the war.

Plum Island is but one of many diabolical places that these NAZIs were located to continue what they were so good at, see Jesse Venturers Plum Island conspiracy theory.