Boots on the Ground…Aug. 12th…Reports are getting worse not better.

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Veronica Perry
Veronica Perry
1 month ago

Dave —- You’re literally doing an outstanding and making a positive difference. Go to: Public servants are NOT our masters and they cannot tell us what we can and can not do on our privaty which is in fact, Sovereign Land. Please share this website with others. Common Law is so easy that a 10 year old child can understand and do and file against the traitors. I have more sites. Will share later. Keep up the good the good work —- your Florida patriot sister. Veronica, Hudson, Fla

Veronica Perry
Veronica Perry
1 month ago

Hey Dave,
Please share this. I am a bread merchant. I do 3 bread routes for Flowers Bakery. They have messed with Nature’s Own Honey Wheat. It is not the same and taste terrible. Also, in Springhill, Fla (Rural King), I needed to buy a pitcher pump for a sand point well (hand pump). The employee told me they are short of help because of budget hours due to lack of stuff on the shelf. Lastly, my best could find electrical accessories locally for the panel box to install on their raw property. Her husband (long haul) truck driver finally found the stuff in South Florida and it was the last one.
I strongly advice buy 2 of the same thing because the collapse is coming. Please mention my company and the stores and location because We the Sovereign People need to know the whole truth — thank you. Veronica, Hudson, Florida