Boots on the Ground…Aug. 17th…Food pantries are getting a lot more people needing help.

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Robert Orians
Robert Orians
1 month ago

We have a big ranch home here on the homestead we rent out . Many city dwellers that thought they wanted country life have tried it . Typically after the first winter they return to the city life . Firewood and gardening and animal husbandry are hard you who do it know . The better part of those folks toured the local and even some distant food banks for free food . It grieved us to see the beautiful taters , big red onions , and other produce sit on their porch and get rotten in the sun and weather . When they left the cabinets and closets were stacked high with boxes,cans,and bags of various free stuff they had taken . Even left the fridge and freezer full . Every one of them was fat and waddling from obesity . Food banks might help some people live better but I have my doubts . We went through a time of famine back in the early 80’s . I remember riding my ten speed 25 miles to buy whole raw milk for fifty cents per gallon from the Amish . The wife and I and the kids riding the back roads to pick wild berries for dessert from which she would bake a wonderful cobbler . But we never once thought of bumming free food from any food bank . The wife bought a one pound pack of bacon and fried two strips each night to make a big pan of bacon gravy . It lasted for two weeks . The kids loved it and do not even remember it being hard times . Different type of folk I guess . I can see most modern people being used as usefull idiots to get those free bug burgers soon .