Born to Die: Does Capitalism Contain the Seeds of Its Own Demise?

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Jeff Marshalek
Jeff Marshalek
2 years ago

I believe this video misses the mark on the validity of capitalism as a means to organize community productivity. What does the Bible teach? What can we learn of God’s ways to organize production that is beneficial to one another? Property rights, banking systems, and trade are all covered in Scripture. Capitalism is for the most part is part of the Scriptures.

This video says nothing about fractional reserve banking and the problem of the Federal Reserve. Jesus railed against the money changers. In the book of Ezekiel, there is a description of what God has determined to be right and good. When men distort the weights and measures used in trade of goods and labor, God curses the generations that have conspired to steal from the widow and orphans. The Federal Reserve is this type of system. The Rothschild of old once said something to this effect, “ I care not what King rules the nation as long as I control the currency.” The imbalance we see today exist because money is created out of nothing. The banker and the politician coexist to conspire against those who just want to live free and right. They enslave the simple so they can live in luxury. Nothing is new under the Sun.