Breaking news…Major riots in South Africa…Police pull back…Military moving in.

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4 months ago

27 years ago, while living in SA, I told all my South African friends this would happen. They voted to let the masses have the government any way because they were shamed into it by the media and from the pulpits. This is what anyone with a brain knew would occur. Rhodesia was the original model, South Africa was the beta test and now we are the end game. I could do nothing, then, because it wasn’t my country. I won’t sit this one out…

4 months ago

Globally, the White race is a minority as I understand it. Is what we are seeing happening nationally actually global???? Is the White race being fingered for elimination???????

4 months ago
Reply to  valerie

Yes. prominent (((jews))) like Klaus Schwab, of the (((World Economic Forum))) and others, have repeatedly called for a “Genocide of Whites”.
This is in line with (((their))) ‘babylonian talmud’ which states “…kill even the best of the goyim (non-jew)”
“Know Your Enemy” said General Tsu (not that Chinese Chicken guy)