Chancey BabyDrake Luna

From Chancey BabyDrake Luna’s Facebook page:

Luna is allegedly the one who murdered Chris Lane because he was bored.

David DeGerolamo

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David Forward
David Forward
8 years ago

Well, at least in prison the sick SOB will draw some rave reviews for wearing his pants low trolling for other perverts. May he rot in hell (prison) for the rest of his natural life, and enjoy his eternal home in the hereafter where other “enlightened” and poor misunderstood perverts will “join” him (in a Biblical sense)…He’s about to find out what being BORED — like a cheap sewer line being reamed — is really all about.

8 years ago

Such a tragic and senseless act of violence. The police claim this was done as an act of boredom. What they should understand is that this may have been an incident of “Blood in” their creed “blood in, blood out, referring to the killing of innocence and not being able to leave the gang except by death. Gangs use the initiation rite as a means of determining if the inductee is mentally and physically strong enough to be worthy of membership. In other words they want members who have “heart” and who will not run at the first sign of trouble. Some of the initiation rites are … Armed robbery -- inductee(s) commit the crime of armed robbery and frequently shoot the victim(s) for no reason.
Drive-by shooting
Assault on an innocent victim
Rape an innocent victim
Blessed In -- Occasionally, a prospective gang member will not have to endure any of the normal gang initiation rituals. He or she may be “blessed in.” This may be the result of the prospects reputation as one who is worthy of gang membership or he may be a family member of a gang member who has vouched for his worthiness and loyalty.
“Sex in” -- Female inductees are frequently “sexed in” by having intercourse with multiple members of the gang. This is sometimes used in lieu of being beaten in. It has been reported that females, on occasion, have been required to consent to sex with a person known to be HIV positive.
Murder -- The inductee is required to kill an innocent victim, a rival gang member, or even a police officer.
Beat-in -- Also known as “jumped-in”, “walk the line”, “ranked-in” and possibly others, is the most common type of initiation. The prospective gang member is beaten by a pre-determined number of gang members for a period of time. The time can range from a few seconds to a few minutes. This type of initiation has been known to result in the death of the individual who was beaten.

8 years ago