Charlotte woman hasn’t left her house in three weeks but tested positive for COVID-19

A Charlotte woman hasn’t left her house in more than three weeks, yet still tested positive for COVID-19 late Thursday.

“I’m absolutely terrified,” Rachel Brummert, who already has an autoimmune disorder, said. “This is the sickest I’ve ever been and it’s the most scared I’ve ever been. From what I’m hearing about ventilators, it’s scary stuff. I’m really hoping I can wait this out at home.”



The “experts” know that HB-19 has been documented to be viable at 27 days in some cases. I have been recommending a 21 day quarantine based on the lower probability of becoming infected after 21 days. The above case does involve a compromised individual. However, this is another case where the government knows their quarantine period of 14 days is not sufficient.

David DeGerolamo

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