Chris Wallace Destroys Jack Lew Over IRS Scandal: ‘Where’s The Investigation

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Frank P
8 years ago

How can you ‘destroy’ somebody who has been despatched to take the heat and stonewall with lies; who is an arrogant apparatchik, impervious to criticism -- because he knows that the Commander in Chief has already served his purpose and is therefore the walking dead. An insider, he also knows that the American electorate is in love with the HillBilly successor to Obama.

The Benghazi atrocity was the Achilles Heel of this administration; had the Senate handled that better, Hillary would have been toast. But the MSM didn’t touch it at all (for obvious reasons) and Fox, after an initial campaign, decided that the IRS shtick was the ‘main scandal’. Piss poor decision. Benghazi was the worst display of American weakness/treachery that has occurred post WW2. Obama, Clinton and their string pullers from the unholy alliance of Gramci-Alinski’s Long March and the parallel Muslim Brotherhood ‘Project’ were vulnerable for the first time since Obama’s coup. Had that been used by the right wing as a spearhead of a relentless resurgence of the American Way, it could have succeeded. Sadly the GOP is unfit for purpose. Socialism (the euphemism for neo-Marxism), now pervades the infrastructure of the USA. As an Englishman I can inform you from bitter experience that it an insidious evil that has destroyed my country, which no longer exists as the country I was born in in 1934. It’s Welfare State has, since 1945, created a poorly educated populace who live within a dependency culture; what’s worse its current ‘coalition’ government is nothing but a puppet of the EUSSR -- its sovereignty has been handed over to Brussels incrementally for half a century by successive governments of all stripes.

Your political system and ours has been filled with the output of an academia heavily infiltrated by disciples of the Long March. Western Civilisation, already rotting, is ripe for plucking. And the commie/muslim pluckers -- temporarily in alliance, but each believing that the other will ultimately be subsumed anyway -- are beginning to reap the seeds that Gramsci scattered through his scribblings in stir. What fools we have been not to clean the Augean stables of Academe on both sides of the Pond. Too late now. Prepare for the New Dark Ages.