CNN’s Host Compares ISIS to Trump Supporters ‘Radicalized’ by The ‘Right-Wing Media Machine’

h/t FreeNorthCarolina

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1 year ago

That’s fine.

I accept that title. I’m radicalized.

I’m radicalized with freedom.
I’m radicalized with individuality.
I’m radicalized with belief in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence

These people feared Isis.

They are just beginning to see what they should really fear.

A radicalized, pissed off American patriot coming to take their Country back from the likes of this socialist scum.

They better be afraid.

Bud Green
Bud Green
1 year ago

Oh this is rich!
After four years of left wing radicalization the likes of which we’ve never seen in this country before from CNN and their ilk. This guy should take a long look in the mirror. Even the things he is saying in this clip is left wing radicalization!

This is the classic “pot calling the kettle black”. It’s ok when the left has all the conspiracy theories for four years, but when they steal an election and try to install an illegitimate senile pedophile who sold out his country to the Communist Chinese Party as a president we’re just supposed to lay down and take it!

If the shoe was on the other foot and we stole an election from them, how does he think that would work out? We had the left rioting for years just because they didn’t like Donald J. Trump.

He can kiss my “radicalized” ass!