#RESIST … Collectivism on Steroids

On Sunday, 19 February 2017, I attended an organizational meeting of #RESIST-Raleigh as announced on MeetUp and FaceBook:


The speakers described the purpose of the meeting as follows:

  • oppose the regressive agenda
  • revitalize the Democrat Party
  • shift the focus to people as the new face of the Party

The activities are to be directed toward winning the 2018 and 2020 elections:

  • 33 Senate seats
  • 435 House seats
  • 14 Governor-ships

As I was waiting for speakers to address the gathering, I was approached by Janet Link.  She introduced herself and asked if I had any questions.  I said I had one, but wasn’t sure how it would be received by the group.  Janet invited me to share it anyway, so I asked:

“Why not just ignore government and live in Rightful Liberty?”

She was clearly stunned, and began to talk about empowering people with democracy, and described individuals as more effective when they take collective action. I asked her:

“Aren’t ‘collectives’ just groups of individuals?”
“Why would any individual consent to be ruled by a ‘Tyranny of the Majority’?”

Janet gently disengaged from our conversation to greet other participants.

So, I walked over to the QUESTIONS sheet on the wall and wrote: “Why not just ignore government and live in Rightful Liberty?”  Within two minutes, someone had written WTF? in large letters below my question.

By the time the speakers began, there were approximately 75 people in attendance.  The demographic was mostly Caucasians of European descent, ranging from children to retirement age.  I counted 5 participants of African ancestry.

The following are notes and audio files from the speakers.

Janet Link: Founder of Fellow Citizens

We are about individual action, but we develop strength in numbers.  Get people with affinities to find each other; connect forces.  We focus on the Democrat Party through participation in precinct meetings.

Dan Wilkes: Co-District Coordinator for Centennial District, Precinct Chair for 1-23, Wake County Democratic Party

Roy Cooper won Wake County with >100K votes but only won the State by approx 10K votes.  Wake County can influence and change the State outcomes if managed effectively.

We can use the presidential coordinated grass-roots effort in 2020, but Democrats won’t have that ‘machine’ available to them in 2018.

Willie Rowe: Vice Chair, 01-48 and Retired Major, Wake County Sheriff’s Office

Precinct level work determines the results on election night.

Michael Pierce: VP Wake County Progressive Democrats

Founded the Progressive Caucus of the Democrat Party.  Need to establish committees of people who know how to write public policy documents.  Looking for a “Bernie Sanders” platform going forward (examples from his business card):

  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Promote Green Energy
  • Combat Climate Change
  • Strengthen and Expand Social Security
  • Medicare for All / Universal Healthcare
  • Increase Funding for Public Education
  • Free Public College
  • National Ban on Fracking
  • $15 Minimum Wage

Stop talking of Republicans as the enemy. Try to understand their values.  Learn how to ‘play mind games’ and motivate them.  You can’t tell them they are idiots, you have to “explain” to them.

Rhonda Bond: (?? Democrat precinct recruitment ??)

Described how the precincts work and what is needed to participate.

2/18 – 3/8 precinct meetings
3/12 Fellow Citizen debriefs
3/19 big Fellow Citizen meeting
4/1  county convention
mid May Fellow Citizen action meeting
5/20 district convention


#RESIST-Raleigh has purpose, energy, and funding.  These people intend to become the public “voice of reason” for all things Collectivist.  Their goal is to connect forces among organizations active within left-politics.  Examples:

  • StrongerNC
  • GASP
  • Common Cause
  • NCPolicyWatch
  • Forward together NAACP
  • NCOP Caucus
  • IndivisibleNC
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • RiseNC
  • AFARaleigh



Conclusion: The people in this movement are a threat to limited government, individualism, and human liberty.

Footnote: My question was the only one on the wall …  and no one addressed it.


Rightful Liberty,
Hans Mentha
It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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4 years ago

They are much closer to home than Raleigh!! Have Info for meatspace

4 years ago
Reply to  Norseman

Check your local area for infestations. MeetUp has revealed its allegiance:

“Last week, we created 1,000+ #Resist Meetup Groups to act as local hubs for actions on behalf of democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, and sustainability. Already 50,000+ people have joined.”


4 years ago
Reply to  Norseman

For discussion on Saturday.

Piper Michael
4 years ago

Are you, THE Hans Mentha… of Burroughs Wellcome fame… (in the 1980’s…)

--An old ‘friend’…

4 years ago
Reply to  Piper Michael

Indeed I am.

Still alive and well … living in the same NC woods.

4 years ago

suggest covert pshyops…
keep going to these meetings and others like them….
find out what irritates each group about one/some/all of the other groups…ie…”they are not radical enough” “they are too violent”..”they move too slow” “they are not patient enough”…
sow the seeds of division and discontent by continually bringing up these soar points with each group with ever increasing stressfulness….”we are the ONLY true leader of the new order, OUR agenda MUST prevail and be priority material”

they are organized and playing the long game..we must be doing the same, and be trying to split them into the small special interest groups they truely are

3 years ago