Communist Coup

Yes, this is my blog and I appreciate the many readers of my thoughts on current day America, if that’s what you can call a communist apparatus operated by complete approval of the American electorate. But, I am a capitalist and a growing supporter of anarcho-capitalism. Only capitalism and a functional republic can effectively defeat the FSA and the communist open-borders globalists.

If you think the open borders globalists intend to leave the borders open once they achieve their objective of the destruction of capitalistic republicanism, you have forgotten the lessons of history. The moment they achieve control of the electorate through replacement immigrants, those borders will slam shut like a vault, only this time it will be to keep all of the morons supporting their evil deeds from escaping the ruin that communism/collectivism always creates.

The Nazis might call conservatives Nazis all they want. Nazis is an abbreviation for National SOCIALIST, which is what all socialists are at heart, Nazis.


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