Concerning GRNC’s Endorsement of Lynda Bennett

I received this copy of an email sent to GRNC this morning:

Sir, we know lynda bennett. (small letters intentional). We know you and your organization. We support GRNC and all your efforts to educate and to enlighten the citizens of our beloved country and this great state. Someone has sold you a bill of goods with your misplaced endorsement of mrs. bennett. Across ten years’ experiences “up close and personal”, esp. with the demise of the 912/Tea Party Group in Haywood County, due to her own control to bring that very large group under her purview, we  saw the writing on the wall. Everything she has done is manipulated and calculated to benefit one person and one person only, lynda.
Please do not follow Mark Meadow’s, Jim Jordan’s, The House Freedom Caucus’ endorsement of this woman. They, too, have been duped! We hope you are aware of a recent article in The Smoky Mountain News re. mrs. bennett’s “sudden appearance” in the race. We also hope you have seen the mail-out re. her duplicity. lynda bennett is NO CONSERVATIVE, lynda bennett will not serve the constituents of North Carolina’s 11th congressional district, and lynda bennett’s public persona does NOT reflect her private agenda!

We ask that you reconsider your endorsement of lynda bennett in light of the  qualifications of the other candidates and in light of the spurious manipulations surrounding her entry into this congressional race.

Thank you for your time, etc.

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1 year ago

This endorsement smelled bad to me from the get-go. I went with another candidate.