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Off The Reservation

Caveats- This isn’t a finished work, but I felt compelled to help my people. It was also not written directly with these riots in mind. But it will work for them too. It also likely isn’t going to unfuck all of your problems tonight. But it is going to give you some things to think about, while you try to survive till the morning light. Last, there will no doubt be revisions from this to a finished product. But we don’t have time for that shit right now. Strongly recommend you read this, read my columns on guns, and then go talk to your neighbors. No one is coming to save you. Government has shown itself impotent, and all the cards left  are in your hands. If we fail, if we cede our cities to gangs of vandals and looters, our nation is over. I, for one, refuse to live on my knees, and I hope you do too. Even if it means dying on our feet.


Savages on the warpath- dealing with rioters

One of the major problems an urban survivor can face is a riot. Riots are springing up with more and more frequency, as well as more violence and destruction as cities adopt new softer policies towards them. More so than at any other time in our history, you may find yourself very much all alone as politicians choose to stand down police. It is not without precedent already to have mob violence so widespread that all the cops are already tied up. And unfortunately for you, the city fathers probably care more about Wells Fargo than they do about your apartment.

If you took the previous advice about building a network of allies, this is going to be a lot easier to deal with. Plug in your people as outlined in this chapter where they fit. But for overall defensive strategy, we will build out the plan like you didn’t. A storm of mob violence can take you buy surprise, and maybe you haven’t had time to organize yet. As Rummy said, “ You go to war with the army you’ve got.”

So lets say the Orcs are streaming out of Morder, and you only friends are Becky and Bob that were focused on brunch until nine seconds ago. What are you going to do? Step one, is go find out who is willing to help you defend the neighborhood. You aren’t going to stop a wave of locusts alone. Go door to door, and get a crew together. Bring everyone to a central meeting spot, and figure out what you have for weapons.

Unlike a lot of what I have preached, this defensive plan is very weapons centric. If you don’t have firearms, I absolutely do not recommend a defense in the streets. Melee weapons, in this context, are absolutely no substitute. Riot cops can and do push around a much larger force, using only clubs and shields. But only because they have trained to act as a single organism, like a phalanx of old. And they are still backed up by guns, something worth noting. If as a smaller and untrained force you attempt the same, you are likely to get routed. If you have introduced weapons to the fight, and your side breaks and runs, you are very likely to die. The howling mob will tear you limb from limb, blood lust fueled by the sight of your retreat.


h/t Concerned American

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1 year ago

This is all sound Theory, but as long as the (((bolshevik))) controlled .gov orders their (p)Orcs to Defend the Rioters and Arrest anyone for Defending themselves, it’s all Moot.

Also, it is a Function of Math (the Inverse-Square Law) that ‘Rioters’ don’t get Far from Urban Core Areas before they are spread too thin to be much of a Threat by weight of Numbers. At that point, Sniping from Concealment, Moving after a few Shots, and the ‘Mob’ takes Casualties and there’s no ‘First Responders’ to Help them.