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The Virginia gubernatorial  election yesterday was confirmation of the following points for me:

1. The Republican party does not support the Liberty movement to restore the Constitution. Their abandonment of Ken Cuccinelli as a “Tea Party” candidate confirmed their hypocrisy.

2. There are more of them than us. See the above map.

3. There is no political solution to restore Liberty.

4. Mr. Cuccinelli lost the election by 55,539 votes. The difference between McAuliffe and Cuccinelli  in FairFax County was 66,482 votes. One county populated by the ruling class defined the election results. Currently, 99.8% of the precincts have reported their vote counts.

5. Obamacare will be implemented at any monetary cost.

David DeGerolamo

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Cathie Howard
Cathie Howard
8 years ago

I knew full well that NOVA would decide this race. That will not change. For that reason, Virginia is destined to remain a blue state. Those of us who do not live in NOVA do not matter. I am seriously considering leaving Virginia. I think South Carolina looks good.