Confronting our spiritual bankruptcy – Doug Hagmann

spiritual bankruptcy

Our nation once proudly served as the moral and spiritual foundation for not only our citizens, but for the world. We were once a nation that accepted the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and built its walls on the cornerstone of just men acting in compliance with the moral and spiritual guidance of a just God. Adherence to our spiritual principles and obedience to the laws of God, not man, were necessary to keep evil in chains. We have abandoned our spiritual foundation and not only accepted, but invited evil into our lives under the false pretext of societal tolerance.

Be warned that the clamoring from the ubiquitous cheerleaders of moral equivalence on each side of the perverted political paradigm will increase in intensity and tenor in the coming days. Many will shake their fists at others and shout to the perpetrators of evil, “through your lax laws and love of guns, you allowed this to happen!” They will assail the laws of man and demand immediate change of gun ownership laws to stop a behavior that cannot ever be legislated. They refuse to accept that the laws of man, no matter how restrictive, do absolutely nothing to recalibrate our moral and spiritual compass. They are not only shouting in the wrong direction, but from a wrong direction


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