Congresswoman: Global Warming ‘Will Destroy’ Maryland

A group of House Democrats labeling themselves the Safe Climate Caucus held a press conference today to warn that if Congress does not address global warming, the country could face dire consequences, including detrimental effects to California wines and an end to Vermont skiing.

One Democratic representative even worried that global warming could destroy the state of Maryland.

“If we do nothing about what is happening, it will destroy our economy, it will destroy our state, and it will have a broad impact not just here in this country but around the world,” Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) said at a press conference on Capitol Hill on Friday.


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8 years ago

The safe climate caucus?! The representatives mentioned in the CNS couldn’t even get their statements straight as they spoke about both “global warming” and “climate change”. These people a) think that they can control the weather, b) think that they can control you c) make this sh*t up and then believe it with a quasi-religious fervor.