Contact these NC House Reps- H786 (illegal aliens)

Attn. N.C. residents:

We need everyone in the following counties to contact their Representatives about House Bill 786- Reclaim NC Act. Buncombe, Davidson, Guilford, Harnett, Iredell, Lee, Mecklenburg, Surry, Wake and Wilkes (see below for contact info). They are the co-sponsors of this bill. This is the bill that guts the current e-verify law and allows for almost all illegal aliens in NC to obtain a NC state issued drivers’ permit and/or ID card.

H786 was originally designed as an illegal immigration enforcement bill and it still has some very good measures in it however, somewhere along the way, special interests and big business got involved and completely changed the overall intent of the bill.

We need you to contact the current sponsors of this bill and tell them:

1) protect NC citizens and not illegal aliens and their big business/special interest friends

2) put unemployed NC residents back to work by making jobs available to them. The jobs that are currently held by illegal aliens in the construction industry, the travel and tourism industry, the hotel/motel industry, etc…

3) stand up for the conservative Republican values that are listed in the GOP platform and 

4) stand up for the constitution and the rule of law.

It will only take a minute of your time and will go a long way towards making a difference in our state. Get involved and be a part of the solution! Your fellow NC citizens will thank you for it.

Thank you,

James Johnson


North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement

NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879 (anonymous reporting)

cell# 910-286-3022
Background on H786
H786 Sec. 8(f)- redefines a seasonal worker from someone who works 90 days or less, to someone who works less than one year. That dramatically increases the number of people who will be exempt from our e-verify laws. The large corporations (fast food industry, hotel/motel industry, restaurant industry, etc…)are reclassifying many of their employees as temporary so as to avoid paying the Obama Health Care tax on them. They will now be exempt from e-verify as well if this bill passes.

H786 Sec 8(h)- exempts employers in NC from prosecution if they happen to hire an illegal alien, as long as the illegal alien has one of the new state issued drivers’ permits or ID cards. It is a violation of Federal law to hire an illegal alien period.

H786 Sec.9 (all) allows all illegal aliens in NC (and in the country for that matter) to obtain a NC state issued drivers’ permit and/or ID card. This makes them almost as legal as you and I and beyond the reach of our state law enforcement. They can not be reported for being in the country illegally, they can not be e-verified, they will no longer be charged with driving w/o a license (a free pass on breaking the law). They will instantly be eligible for every social welfare benefit program that every taxpaying NC resident is (without putting a cent into the system). About the only thing they can’t use the ID for is to board a commercial airline flight.

Counties and contact info:

Buncombe County
Tim D. Moffitt
Phone:  919-715-3012
Nathan Ramsey
Phone:  919-733-5746

Davidson County
Rayne Brown
Phone:  919-715-0873

Guilford County
John Faircloth
Phone:  919-733-5877

Harnett County, Lee County
Mike C. Stone
Phone:  919-715-3026

Iredell County
C. Robert Brawley 
Phone:  919-733-5741
Rena W. Turner
Phone:  919-733-5661

Mecklenburg County
Ruth Samuelson
Phone:  919-715-3009

Surry County, Wilkes County
Sarah Stevens
Phone:  919-715-1883

Wake County
Jim Fulghum
Phone:  919-733-5860

Our mailing address is:


P.O. Box 273

Wade, NC 28395

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8 years ago

CAPS 2007 Study suggests up to 38 million illegal aliens occupy the USA..