Coronavirus: The Dead Speak!

Pathology results studying those who have died of covid-19 are starting to unveil some of the virus’ secrets.

First, the damage done to the lungs is far worse than that done anywhere else in the body. And specifically, it’s excessive clotting in the lungs that appears to be the root cause. Covid-19 causes a coagulation storm that greatly impairs the lungs’ ability to exchange oxygen.

An indicator called the Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) score is emerging as a key predictor of how fatal a covid-19 case will be. If the patient has a DIC score in excess of 5, then odds of a bad outcome dramatically increase.

Treating covid-19 patients, even those with mild symptoms, with anticoagulants may be part of the standard regimen going forward.

In other news, the Federal Reserve is up to its old tricks of bailing out those who deserve it least while worsening the wealth inequality divide. And looking at oil, which is now at the staggeringly low price of $20/barrel, Chris predicts hard economic times ahead.

Which makes the Fed’s actions really look like grab for cash before everything goes to hell. A last-ditch effort by the rich to get all they can — a pure wealth transfer from us to them. Maddening…

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a follower
a follower
1 year ago

A pure wealth transfer, of this worlds goods and treasures will not get them far.
Some of you should be contemplating by now how far 1,200.00 will get you. And yes i am sure many of you have.
How about a nice punch in the throat to go along with our gift of 1,200.00 ? How about if I put My Name upon the check?(Trump)
They can not protect you nor bring you peace.
They can never fulfill their promises. Are we beginning to understand?
The virus is not the only “invisible enemy” in our midst.

1 year ago

Trump has sent many signals to those with open eyes and ears that the Feral Reserve Dollar and Banksters are going down. His visit to the Hermatige in Tennessee and the prominent placing of Andrew Jackson’s portrait in the Oval Office only being two minor indicators.
The child trafficking and abusers infesting our society and Government is being exposed. The NWO Treason of the democRats and Bushie rino Repubs is being exposed.
The deep state sponsors of the Covid19 virus, WHO, CDC, working with Chicoms, is being exposed. The suppression of Cures for many diseases by big pharma and the FDA is being exposed.
The Great Awakening is here, Let it come, be what it may, Liberty is more dear than life itself……..
at least that is what Our Founders believed.