Could someone explain why they think President Obama is knowledgeable in foreign policy, given:

1)      He encouraged the overthrow of arguably our strongest Muslim ally in the Middle East, Egyptian President Mubarak, the man most responsible for keeping Muslim terrorism in check. The result of Mubarak’s overthrow was what any knowledgeable person in foreign affairs knew would happen, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and more terrorism against the USA. The attack against the US Embassy never happened under Mubarak.

2)      President Obama’s first public statement after the attack was not to address it and the murder of our citizens in Libya, but to criticize Romney for criticizing our government’s apology which is sure to encourage more terrorists attacks against the USA..  Romney was outraged that our government apologized for allowing free speech in the USA which may offend Muslims. The media and Obama are trying to convince a gullible public that the attacks are because Muslims are offended by an amateurish movie trailer (which I have seen) on the net since June, which has no connection with our government. The trailer accurately portrays some historical facts about Muhammad that many Muslims would rather people not know about, his brutality, polygamy, pedophilia, etc. The next day Obama essentially agreed with Romney. Talk about shooting first, aiming later. Meanwhile the Democrat media and Obama continue to try to change the subject to keep the public from noticing Obama’s colossal foreign policy failures.

3)      Why would our Marines be told that they cannot put live ammunition in their weapons to defend embassy staff, their assigned task?

4)      In overthrowing Libyan strongman Kaddafi, Obama provided military support to Libyan Muslim terrorists known to have killed Americans in Iraq.  Kaddafi was no saint, but he forced the terrorist training camps out of Libya after President Reagan made him an offer he could not refuse. Once again, Obama’s foreign policy decision made the USA less safe and resulted in more Americans being murdered.

5)      When President Obama finally went before the press to make a statement, the first question from the press was: “Is this an act of war?” (FYI. Any attack on US sovereign soil, i.e., the US embassy, is an act of war.) Obama responded by grabbing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and leaving the room without answering. How presidential! Obama had more important things to do, like skipping his National Security Council briefing (as he does about 50% of the time) so he could get to a Las Vegas fund raiser. His 104 golf outings and lavish vacations have broken all previous presidential records by a huge margin.

6)      Remember, after encouraging Iranians to protest for democracy, Obama did nothing as our Muslim Mullah enemies systematically imprisoned or murdered democracy advocates.

7)      In Syria President Obama continues to ignore the widespread bloodshed there.

8)      By making idiot rules of engagement he has handcuffed our troops and endangered their lives.  

9)      By undermining our allies and helping our enemies, he has helped make US citizens less safe.

10)    Have we ever had a more incompetent President in managing foreign policy and national security? 

James F. Davis

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9 years ago

yes, Bush or Carter