Damn Rebels

T.L. Davis:

The truth, as presented by the media, is an outrageous combination of lies designed to change behavior. They don’t care how ridiculous their hypocrisy is, because it reaffirms the beliefs or goals of their audience, who are Marxist/Stalinists, who are so thoroughly indoctrinated that they don’t identify with being Marxist/Stalinists.

For the purpose of this communication, it doesn’t matter whether one is gullible and pathetic or calculating and diabolical. One need only look at what we are being pressured to believe.

  1. That 74 million plus 81 million equals something less than 133 million. My unbiased calculator claims that 74+81=155. No one has explained their math.
  2. That a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate of those below the age of 70 is a pandemic of earth-shattering proportions.
  3. That obvious and documented bribes by foreign nations of the chief executive, corporate-sponsored ballot drop boxes, corrupted election data, the money trail through Hunter’s laptop, spying on a political party and individual ahead of an election are not deserving of criminal investigation.
  4. At the same time mere allegations of Russian collusion with the chief executive, meetings with foreign persons in a hotel room, benefitting from legal tax rates and valuations, lies that turn out to be true, accusations of moral lapses are deserving of criminal investigation.
  5. That patriots, many of whom are veterans of foreign wars, who believe simply in the rights guaranteed under the Constitution are deserving of a classification of domestic terrorists.
  6.  At the same time, video documentation of destruction of private, state and federal property, rioting in the cause of racism, fascist riots and intimidation, are not deserving of a classification of domestic terrorists.
  7. That those who wear masks are of a superior intellectual and moral stature, despite the fallacy of the health benefit of a mask and despite the documented evidence that masks are much more harmful to personal health.
  8. That those who refuse to wear the mask (of no health benefit and largely damaging to personal health with sustained usage) are evil, murderers and genocidal maniacs.
  9. That a border crisis consisting of the continuation of previous policy along with stricter enforcement is a cause worthy of impeachment and perhaps subject to international law as a violation of human rights.
  10. That a border crisis of unimaginable escalation from the previous administration is no concern at all and, given the political affiliation of the chief executive, perhaps worthy of Nobel consideration.
  11. That child sex trafficking exposed by the previous administration resulting in tens of thousands of children being freed by the efforts of federal, state and local authorities simply does not exist under the current administration.
  12. The Department of Justice that was not at all interested in investigating voter fraud, something it should be highly interested in, is now most interested in the means by which the fraud might be uncovered and documented.  

At no time has the supposed “winner” of the election in question suggested or intimated that a true and accurate count be made, if just to silence those who have legitimate concerns. There are no current federal investigations into the crimes documented by Ukraine against the person occupying the office of the President of the United States, a crime that would otherwise prevent him from ever holding that office.

The point is not really how wrong all of this is, most of the readers know of it by some means or another and recognize these things are wrong and illogical. The point is, if all of this can be wrong and no authority is interested in prosecuting the one set of crimes while pursuing vigorously every other unwarranted accusation. What exactly is there to be loyal to? That is a legal/political system so broken that it cannot be mended by an election.

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thomas finley
thomas finley
7 months ago

The current government needs to be dissolved, there is no other option. It is corrupt to the core.

gail jansen
gail jansen
7 months ago

The US government is already dissolving like a sugar cube in hot coffee. Our future resembles Somalia more than Maine. The concept of a government is no answer for where we are. The America we have loved is desecrated. I am not pessimistic concerning the strength of survival instincts still alive within Americans. Having said that, the way forward is clearly a one-way road to death. Jesus is our answer, our might, and our protection. Some of us will survive. Whether we are fodder or martyrs we are all being called to prepare to lay down our lives for a few to go on. This is our cross. Lord, have mercy.

7 months ago
Reply to  gail jansen

If someone will lead, I will follow

7 months ago

“To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;”

It seems what is needed is for the People to fulfill their duty. That duty is to arrest all those involved in said crimes and convene the Grand Jury and try said perpetrators. This is the only legal recourse We have.

Last edited 7 months ago by tangle