Darrell Issa – Gruber Hearing

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7 years ago

Here i sit on the Issa link between the Jim Jordan link and the 1 Trillion “budget deal”. I’m thinking that Repubs gnashing their teeth and DemocRats CYAing isn’t as important as the 1 Trillion Budget “Deal” or the now 18 Trillion Debt, or the “Bail In” Bankster Laws for “us to cover” 40 Trillion in Derivatives. But that’s just me in my tinfoil hat and green eye shades counting the worth-less-and-less Feral Reserve paper fiat called…. “money”.
Sure the Constitution lies in tatters and it’s “lamentable” and the political theatre is heading for the playoffs in 2016. But i get this “feeling” deep in my gut that “all is not well” on a far, far bigger scale than the current Gruberism or the forgotten Issa “inquiry” on Herr Holder’s Fast&Furious, or Lady Hitlery’s Benghazi; all of which Obama found out about from the “news”.
No, I’m valuing each conversation and encounter with friends and family as golden moments before the SHTF in 2015. But, that’s just my “paranoia”, no need to agree or panic right now, it’s only Dec 2014 after all.