Dead Voter Challenge 2012

This is beginning to happen all over No. Carolina this week and we can assure you this scene will be repeated many, many times over the new few months.

Mike K did a fine job representing himself, our organization and most importantly, the voters of Alamance County.

For those of you reading this who have or will become VIP’s county challengers in the future, this should serve as a good adjunct training video to help guide you at your local Board of Elections.
We would like to have each challenge delivery videotaped and will make them available at our web site ( in the near future. Please incorporate that into your challenge preparations, and if local media is available, please alert them as well.

One small correction to the video:  The information we rely upon comes from the NC State DHHS (Dept of Health and Human Services) of which the Bureau of Vital Statistics is a part. We can provide verification of this data source upon request.  Our “proprietary software” continues to be perfected and holds great promise for those jurisdictions outside NC, as well.

The dead voters challenged represent the time period, 2008 through 2011. Additional studies show that ‘dead voters’ from the period of 2002 through 2007 also substantially linger on the voter rolls and that the state’s system of removing or making “inactive” only after two non-voted presidential elections is seriously flawed and needs a significant overhaul. Hopefully, our lawmakers will tackle this ASAP now that the evidence is being placed in their hands.

Our intention is to remove every ineligible voter from every county voter roll in the state. This includes the dead including those that vote from the grave, those who lack U.S. citizenship, felons with unrestored voter rights, multiply registered voters, voters who have voted more than once in a single election, and to expose the widespread voter fraud promulgated by organizations like ACORN,
and its successors.

This is going to be a FUN RIDE, but one with a serious purpose; i.e., to remove the possibility of the un-investigated, but likely, voter fraud that has cast doubt on the results of too many elections in this
state, including the presidential election of 2008. Whatever the truth is, we will endeavor to uncover it and hold those responsible to account for their ineptness or actual complicity.

This story, as it unfolds, will have national implications.

NOTE:  Our organization, and its methods, are wholly non-partisan. The chips, we believe, will fall where
they will.

John Pizzo

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