Death toll rises to 168 – Muslims Massacre Christians in North Nigeria


A Muslim group allied with al Qaeda continues its bloody jihad on non-Muslims.

“Update: Death toll rises to 168 –Massacre of Christians in North Nigeria (Gwoza), By Our Nigerian Foreign Correspondent

(Voice of the Persecuted) The death toll in the bloody attack on the Christian community continues to rise this morning. As of 4th June 2014, a reliable source who went to Attagara reconfirmed the number of casualties stating that an additional 88 bodies were found, bringing the total to 168 casualty. “I counted the corpses with my hands”, he said. Most of them were children and youths.

Another source gave some information on the figures.

  • 52 people died at the church compound.
  • 48 in the nearby village, Aganjara.
  • 29 were found death in a cave after the insurgents trapped and opened fire on them.
  • 3 were roasted in a fire.
  • 36 were slain with a knife and thrown on the street.


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