Democrats Abound at “Occupy Raleigh”

Brad Miller (D) US House of Representatives – NC District 13 made another appearance at the Occupy Raleigh event at the Capitol. Rep. Miller attended the first meeting at Moore Square two weeks ago. I wonder how many occupiers know that Rep. Miller consistently blocked a committee vote to release legislation out for a floor vote to audit the Federal Reserve in the US House. Rep. Miller’s hypocrisy knows no boundaries as he protects the nation’s largest private bank and then attends rallies whose purpose is completely contrary to his record.

News & Observer Report

U.S. Rep. Brad Miller of Raleigh, who arrived in mid-afternoon, said he was sympathetic to the protestors’ anger. “Protest movements don’t start in the legislature, they start with grievances,” said Miller, a Democrat. “I think they are mad at the right people.”

Miller deflected questions about whether the occupy movement was the left-wing counterpart of the Tea Party movement, and he said he wasn’t sure if the movement would help the Democratic Party. “It appears to be an independent protest, and I don’t know where it will eventually end up,” he said.

Elaine Marshall (D) – North Carolina Secretary of State


Elaine asked for the occupiers’ help. Does this include her important investigation of UNC’s football program?

Bill Faison (D) Chapel Hill, NC


I hope that the occupiers sitting in jail start to understand who is really the cause of our economic collapse. This is the consequence of putting your trust in a politician who is only pandering for votes. The problem is not the 1%: it is the politicians.

Mr. Faison is currently serving his fourth term in the NC House of Representatives. He is asking the occupiers to help him even though he has been entrenched in the General Assembly and represents what their movement is fighting against.

Although the organizers for Occupy Raleigh assured the crowd that the rally was non-partisan, this was not the case.  The Democrats and labor unions played the occupiers as well as Johnny played the fiddle in “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (or North Carolina).

David DeGerolamo

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