Dems need ground game to save Kay Hagan

Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) is bringing out the big guns to rally the Democratic base to the polls, part of her get-out-the-vote effort that is rapidly becoming a necessity with one week until Election Day.

Hagan is zeroing in on turning out women and blacks as recent polls indicate her small lead has evaporated. Her team is emphasizing early voting at every campaign stop while tapping her party’s top names to help rally the party faithful.

A ground game edge for Hagan looked like icing on the cake a few weeks ago. But North Carolina Speaker Thom Tillis (R) has run a more disciplined campaign as of late, drilling Hagan on national security and capitalizing on some recent Hagan missteps while his allies have helped close what had been a big Democratic edge in TV advertising. Republicans believe he’s erased whatever lead Hagan once held.

“I definitely sense a momentum shift,” Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.) told The Hill after introducing Tillis at Wingate University last week. “For a while there … this race just wasn’t moving because of all these negative ads on both sides. But I really sense a difference in the last two weeks, a shift in our direction.”


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6 years ago

They have a Ground game already with all the “illegals” that are Voting and the Night before Election Day, we all know, they will ‘Rig’ the Machines to Switch Votes to Democrats just like they did in 2012!!!
My next Vote will be with my Rifles!!! Since Voting in a Corrupted System is useless…
Garbage In, Garbage Out. just like anything else right?
Long Live the Republic!!!