Detroit To Be Taken Over By The State – Zerohedge

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says he spoke by phone with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder today. He says the governor will announce his decision regarding the possible appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager for the city of Detroit on Friday.

The mayor said, “Everybody’s got a pretty good idea of what the announcement is going to be.”

When asked whether he expected the governor to announce the choice of an EFM, Bing said, “Not immediately.”

Earlier today, WXYZ reported that Mayor Bing said the governor would announce a state takeover on Friday. The mayor says he did not make that statement and a review of his comments indicates that he did not specifically say a takeover would be announced.

“I shouldn’t make the announcement, the Governor will make it,” said Bing while talking with reporters following a speech before the Detroit Regional Chamber at the MotorCity Casino.



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8 years ago

Looks like us Canadians should get the bridge ready to blow, and start running razor wire along the Detroit River..