DHS Preparing For Violence At Republican Convention

(Zerohedge)   Following yesterday’s stark warning by the militant “black power” organization, the New Black Panther Party, which warned it would arrive in Cleveland packing firearms “for self-defense” ahead of the republican convention, we were curious how long it would take the various US authorities to admit that the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions will be ground zero for the next round in escalating US violence. The answer, it turned out, was just about 24 hours.

Earlier today, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers, that they are preparing their agencies for the “possibility of violence, both from unruly demonstrators and terrorists”, at the upcoming Republican and Democratic nominating conventions.

In what could end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy, Jeh Johnson, speaking before the House Homeland Security Committee, said he was concerned that demonstrations at the events could get out of hand.

According to Johnson, the Department of Homeland Security would send more than 3,000 personnel to each convention.


So, There will be more than 3,000 DHS personnel at the RNC.  And figure another 500~600 from the FBI, as well as the State and local Gangs in Blue (who will be expected to do the bulk of the dirty work, anyway).

Now, if the information I received earlier this week is correct, then there are 10 to 15 rented motor-coaches full of professional protesters from the Bolshevik Lies Movement and New Black Panther Party (NBPP) on their way from Atlanta to Cleveland, right now.  Assuming a nice round number of 50 paid ‘protesters’ per motor-coach, then that’s 500 to 750 veteran BLM insurrectionists, coming from Atlanta alone.  Duplicate that in just 4 or 5 other major metros where the Bolshevik Lies Movement & NBPP have substantial support, and BLM/NBPP will have as many troops on the ground in Cleveland as the DHS does.



And, if only 10% of them are armed, then there are ~300 Micah Johnsons rolling towards Cleveland at this very moment, in the comfort of private coaches, paid for by George Soros, Billie Gates, and a few other progressive billionaires.



These are armed, paid “protesters” – their motor coaches, hotel rooms, and meals are all paid for, and they are also each receiving a “stipend” of over a hundred dollars a day, above and beyond their expenses.  And what, exactly, are they being paid to do?  In the words of Soros’s Open Society Foundation, they are going “for the purpose of raising social awareness and generating media coverage for the plight of poor, urban minorities”.

Well – riot, murder, and mayhem certainly will generate media coverage, but I’m just as certain that it will not cultivate a sense of popular sympathy for the “don’t shoot while we loot” brigade, any more than Micah Johnson’s willful and well planned murder rampage in Dallas did.  (along with his accomplices, still at large after the Dallas murder spree – see below.  I expect you’ll see a lot of these same ugly mugs in Cleveland, also toting weapons)


And claiming that they are only bringing arms to Cleveland “for defense” is patently ridiculous – if it really is that dangerous that they have to go about as an armed militia, then they would be better advised to stay home.

The reason for these armed ‘protesters’ to be delivered to Cleveland on *private* motor coaches, is so that no government agency has any oversight, or even insight into what weapons they’re bringing, how many will be armed, or whether those paid protesters are even eligible to bear arms in the first place (recalling that convicted felons loose their right to own and bear arms).

(sorry for the InfoWars video – it’s what I could link)

“Kill the Pigs.  Oink Oink, bang bang.”
“Black Power.  All Power.”
Sounds pretty peaceful to me.

About as peaceful as the muslim call to jihad – Allablablah you Snackbar!

Those claiming that Micah Jones was a “lone gunman” (if that isn’t the lie of the century, I don’t know what is), are liars and traitors. They can claim that Johnson was not affiliated with the Bolshevik Lies Movement or the New Black Panther Party – both violent, black insurrectionist movements, pushing for violent displacement of civil society in America or in their own words, looking to create a “race revolution in this country, a black revolution against the white man” – well, those liars can choke to death on the two photos below, which prove beyond any doubt that Micah Jones was

1) deeply involved with BLM/NBPP and the rest of those pushing the “black revolution”, as evidenced by his own declaration that he wanted to “kill white people, especially cops” and the photos below, and

2) received his mission-specific combat training from the NBPP arm of the “black revolution movement”, also as evidenced in the second photo, below.


Micah Jones did not receive his ‘combat training’ from the US Army – he was a carpenter in a reserve engineering battalion – not even a true ‘Combat Engineer’, just a reservist carpenter.  The kind of “soldier” they deploy for building schools and other ‘hearts and minds missions’.   Those guys sign out their rifles for one day each 6 months, to maintain their qualification, that is all. So where, then, did Micah Johnson learn how to tactically engage an armed and highly mobile enemy in an urban environment?micah-johnson-training-to-murder

From the ‘New Black Panther Party’, of course – here he is, training with the NBPP.

So it’s pretty clear that Micah Johnson is a murderer and a traitor, who conspired with other murderous traitors to commit their act of High Treason in Dallas.

Johnson’s corpse should be hung out to  visibly rot in public – while his family is stripped of all rights and property, and deported to deep water for harboring a traitor while he conspired to commit High Treason.  The same should be done for every other Bolshevik Lies Movement and New Black Panther Party participant – summary execution for them, and summary de-naturalization and deportation to deep water for their entire family.

Right up to the top of their anti-America revolutionary movement –



Any Questions?

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6 years ago

Got some bad news for the party crashers. 10,000 plus “Bikers For Trump” aka rolling thunder has decided to ” Put up a wall of meat between the cops and the BLM’ers” their terminology, not mine.

6 years ago
Reply to  Hillbilly

‘War of the Five Armies’ materializes before our very eyes…

6 years ago

Aparently the Bolshevik Liars Movement was skeered to be outnumbered, and slunk back into their holes and under their rocks.

LOL if that’s all the mettle they’ve got… they’re not even worth hunting down. Just give ’em time, and they’ll exterminate themselves, Chicago style.

There’s too much irony in this week already… I can’t stand any more.