Did The Tea Party Roll Over?

What Happened?

The left is claiming victory on immigration reform in D.C. because they “didn’t lose”. No substantive opposition to immigration legislation materialized by the Tea Party movement during the summer recess as outlined below in an article from The Hill. Let’s examine some possible reasons why there might have been no “opposition”.

1. Most politicians did not hold any town halls. The “Renee Ellmers” effect is gaining traction in the Republican Party: say anything to get elected but never hold a town hold where you will be asked questions concerning issues such as immigration reform or be held accountable for your record. And never admit support for the extremist Tea Party or their issues.

2. People are divided over which phony scandal is the most relevant. And that is what the administration wants. Are the cover-ups in Benghazi and Fast & Furious more important than the murder of Michael Hastings or the illegal surveillance on the American people by the NSA?

3. Presidential kill lists coupled with the NDAA, drones, the militarization of the police and NSA surveillance are taking their toll on sunshine patriots.

4. The people in the Tea Party movement who understand that the political process has degraded into tyranny have refocused their efforts into safety and preparedness. God, guns and gold are more important to a large segment of the initial Tea Party organizers than signing another petition or attending a rally.

5. The Tea Party movement is dying? Five years ago, there were massive demonstrations across the nation fighting health care. Now, there are no demonstrations against another illegal war about to enfold in Syria. But there are demonstrations in the United Kingdom where their parliament voted against any military action in Syria. What a reversal from the Revolutionary War: England is standing up against their leadership but John Boehner will not even cancel the House of Representatives’ vacation to address the most pressing situation that our nation has ever faced. Since when is having a political issue in the future more important than saving our country?

I pray that the patriot movement is active and growing in this nation. The federal government has degraded into tyranny and subservience to power and greed. To some people these are just words. To others, it is a call to action.

David DeGerolamo

Immigration advocates claim ‘resounding win’ in quiet August

Advocates for comprehensive immigration reform are claiming victory in the August recess. Their argument? They won because they didn’t lose.

With legislation stalled in the Republican-controlled House, the push to overhaul the immigration system has not dominated the national headlines or evening news during the four weeks that Congress has been taking its annual summer vacation.

Proponents of reform say they entered the recess worried that foes of the effort would flood town-hall meetings and stage large rallies, in a repeat of the Tea Party uprising that threw the push for healthcare reform off track in the summer of 2009.


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