Did You Forget the Muslim Threat?

It appears that our government has forgotten the threat posed to Western culture by Islam. Muslims have been elected to power in Congress from districts created by Obama’s immigration policies favorable to Muslim “refugees” while discriminating against Christians. Trump is negotiating with the Taliban without the approval of the Afghani government. Islamophobia is a rabid label used by the Democrats in the same manner as racist or homophobia.

I do not care about labels: I care about our children being free. Free to practice their right to religion. Free from sharia law. Free from government enslavement through “entitlements”, college debt and taxation without representation. Do you feel that we will be represented by a Democrat president in 2020 whose main focus will be Islamic appeasement, climate change measures enforced by the military, enacting the LBGT agenda and more indoctrination of our children in the government controlled educational system?

David DeGerolamo

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Rabbi Will
Rabbi Will
2 years ago

Way to tell it Doc!

2 years ago

Re: “It appears that our government has forgotten the threat posed to Western culture by Islam. Muslims have been elected to power in Congress from districts created by Obama’s immigration policies favorable to Muslim “refugees” while discriminating against Christians.”

David, as bad a picture as you have painted, the reality is actually even worse. What we have in present-day America vis-à-vis the Muslims is akin to the darkest days of the 1950s during the so-called “Red Scare” era. Just as communist infiltrators, agents provocateurs and sympathizers penetrated every level of society and government institution during that time, the Muslims have done today.

President Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer and a practicing Sunni Muslim himself (one who falsely claims via taqiyya to be a Christian), threw open the doors and let MB sympathizers walk right into our most-sensitive and important military, law-enforcement and national security organizations. The military, the DOD/Pentagon, DHS, CIA, FBI, you name it.

Obama appointed a convert to Islam, John Brennan, as his Director of the CIA. Brennan converted while on assignment in Saudi Arabia earlier in his career, having been the target of a special (and highly-successful) Saudi intelligence influence op to “flip him.”

Brennan is only the most-high profile example -- other than Obama himself -- but the fact is that the deep-state is hand-in-glove with the Muslims. The majority of the deep-state operatives siding with the believers are on the political left, but there are traitorous Republicans, too. Grover Norquist converted to Islam years ago, and is married to a Muslim woman. The alliance between the Left and the Muslims is termed, symbolically, the “Red-Green Alliance.” “Red” being the color of communism, and “Green” being symbolic of Islam.

The marriage of convenience between Islam and the Left appears at first to be strange, since modern leftism is characteristically atheistic, just as communism was/is. In fact, this ideological/belief fissure is one our national security community tried to exploit back in the old days during the Cold War, reasoning that the Ikhwan would make good anti-communist fighters since they were anything-but-atheist. The analysts down at Langley were wrong; the Ikhwan used the CIA, not the other way around -- to establish their foothold in Europe during the 1960s.

Their ideological and religious differences aside, both factions -- the Left and Islam -- share a deep and abiding hatred of western civilization, and of Christianity. The old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” certainly applies here. They’ll settle their other differences later on, when the common enemy has been defeated. Probably, most leftists will simply convert to Islam and that will be that. It is already chic and fashionable on the left to adopt Islam; this trend will undoubtedly accelerate.

There’s more bad news. The western ruling class, who are almost all Cultural Marxists -- which is to say communists -- have reached some sort of modus vivendi with the Muslims, and now the globalists/ruling class are working with them. The precise outlines of this alliance are not always plainly evident -- the principles try hard to keep their cooperation in the shadows -- but it is clear that the Muslims are a privileged group where the ruling class are concerned. The hunch here is that the globalist ruling class are using the soldiers of Allah as their shock troops, as their SS-Gestapo thugs, to implement and enforce the new order they mean to create. This is certainly the case in vast swaths of northern and western Europe. If Angela Merkel becomes any more sympathetic to Islam, she’ll have to say the shahada and don the burka.

There are numerous reasons why the ruling elites are working so hard to disarm ordinary people who possess firearms, not just in the USA, but in those sections of Europe still armed, i.e. Switzerland, Finland, etc. It is also one of the chief sticking points between the Visegrad Four nations -- Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic -- and an increasingly bellicose and tyrannical EU. But the fact that disarmed people can be controlled -- and eventually subjugated, tyrannized and victimized -- must be one of the chief reasons.

History shows again and again that would-be tyrants always seek to disarm their intended victims before committing acts of violence, genocide and mass murder against them. The gun-banners deny that this is the case, or that any such plans exist or would be put into action -- but the one-hundred fifty million dead over the last 125 years, slain by their own governments, cry out from the grave a very different story.

A century ago, the Turkish Ottoman Empire, who were Sunni Muslims, were in the midst of carrying out the extermination of one and a half million Armenian, Greek and other Christians, in what scholars now term the first modern genocide. An act of bloodshed which the Turks deny to this day, and the speaking of which still constitutes a crime in modern Turkey. Fortunately, even in that past era, such tools as photography existed and were used to record the grisly evidence of the Turks barbarism, nailing young Christian girls upon large wooden crucifixes and leaving them to die in the desert.

Armed, Christians and other targeted identity groups can defend themselves against such would-be predators. Disarmed, they are helpless and at their mercy.

And lest modern-day observers believe that such acts of mass murder and wanton cruelty reside only in the past, today marauding Janjaweed Islamic tribesmen still exact a fearsome toll along the Sudan-South Sudan frontier, and in Nigeria Boko Haram still raid for Christian and other infidel women and girls to take as slaves. These Muslim raiders are simply doing as Mohammed himself did more than 1,400 years ago.

Phillip Ley
Phillip Ley
2 years ago

Yes, I do. The “Progressive” (labels never mean what they say) Long March through out nation’s institutions, culture and national will is nearing an end. Obama, however, let them smell blood in the water and they’ve become impatient. Hopefully we can use that to advantage.

a follower
a follower
2 years ago

No, i do not feel that we will be represented by a democratic(Left) president.
Trump will conquer all opponents.
The question is. What is Trump? How demon-cratic is he? What deals will he make?
On with the show.