Did you hear what John Boehner said?

Organizing for Action

Friend —

Think about this:

Yesterday, the speaker of the House went on national TV and said that Congress “should not be judged on how many new laws we create,” but rather on “how many laws … we repeal.”

It’s just embarrassing. Within hours of his interview, Boehner’s remarks were making headlines across the country — and even overseas.

We elected our members of Congress to work on the issues we care about: creating jobs, fixing our immigration system, fighting climate change, and passing laws to reduce gun violence.

We didn’t put them in office to sit there and wind back the clock.

All next month, while our members of Congress are home on recess, we’ll be holding Action August events and making our voices heard. I’m asking you to help make sure they go back to Washington with a message for John Boehner.

Say you’ll do at least one thing online or in Raleigh as part of Action August:




Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

P.S. — Last week, the House voted to kill or delay Obamacare for the 39th time. That’s the kind of obstructionism we’re up against. Pledge to be part of Action August today.

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8 years ago

Somehow, I don’t think any Organising for Action types voted for Boehner.

fed up
fed up
8 years ago

Any time I see that little sick flag I have a feeling in my stomach that makes me want to puke. That o’bama insignia is a disgusting remark against the American flag and it’s people.
As far as what Bonner says, who cares, he’s a politician that wouldn’t know the truth outside of the mens room after he zips up. All these lying politicians say one thing and do another once elected. They’re all the same. Screw them all and vote the bastards out.


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