Division by Fundamentalism


This writer has pointed out previously that part of the problem we have in America is an inability to think critically. Unfortunately, the training to think critically has long since been removed from public education in this country. But if we are to survive as a free people, we need a great awakening.

Such an awakening will not be possible without critical thinking.

Another fine example of the failure to think critically is the rabid patriotism and pro-Israel sentiment within the fundamentalist Christian community. The idea that Israel can do no wrong and that America must sacrifice its own national interests on the altar of sacrifice for any other nation is ridiculous on its face. And yet that is the position of most fundamentalist Christians when it comes to Israel.

Now, before launching attacks on this writer, consider that I was once such a one, a fundamentalist. I actually flew the Israeli flag on my flagpole. Then I began to think critically and discovered how I and my friends were/are being used.

Understand this, as well, I am not an anti-Semite and I consider myself a Patriot. I just don’t agree with the deceptions being fomented against We the People by the powers that be. They love using division to make us hate and fight each other so that we don’t have the time to recognize our true enemy, them.

For example, even though the Founding Fathers warned us against the danger of a two-party system to divide the nation – left-right partisan divisions have successfully been deployed to distract and weaken the American people for centuries.

Religion has been used for the same purpose …

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8 years ago

It’s 2013, about time to stop harping on Bush. Obama is worse.

8 years ago
Reply to  Bunny

we will NEVER stop hearing about Bush -- ever…

8 years ago

I totally agree with the article. I have seen it with my own eyes, the lies and deception. Wake up people. YOU HAVE BEEN HAD! There is nothing Christian about promoting death and destruction. Do not be used by the forces of evil, And this includes BOTH parties of power. Bush is no better than Obama

8 years ago

“war criminal?””…LOL…is that you, Medea?