Does Censorship Matter?

I started organizing people in 2009 to counter the Obama Administration’s socialization of the United States. I quickly realized that their “community organization” machine was well entrenched and well funded. Organizations like were able to quickly organize an event, rally or counter protest anywhere in the country in a matter of hours. Our side had nothing but email lists. Organizations like Freedomwatch had to have a three day lead time to “post” an event after it had been cleared by their leaders. Needless to say, we had our collective rear ends handed to us.

Fast forward to the era of social media where events could have their own page for free. Or at least, this was the case. As Mr. Carlson’s long list of banned personalities and organizations highlights, a propaganda campaign will not be successful unless opposing views are banned from the public forum.

What are our options since our elected leaders have been reticent about any actions to provide the people their first amendment rights? As I was reminded today, there would be no 1st amendment rights without our 2nd amendment rights. This point reflects a sad commentary on our children’s fate; chains and death are always the result of communism. I am ashamed that we are letting our children fight this war that our apathy caused.

Revolution is how communism/socialism/dictatorships are overthrow. The restoration of sanity in a country’s government always comes at a high price. It appears that this price is too dear in America at this point in time.

David DeGerolamo

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3 years ago

I know shit from shinola about how blogging platforms work. The one thing that I think I know is that the platforms are designed to make it easy to enter the blogverse. I also think, but have no evidence for my contention, that a lot of the conservative and freedom bloggers communicate via some back channel. Here’s a suggestion, all or a goodly portion of you conservative bloggers get together and develop your own platform or have some conservative minded techies do it for you. Then you can give WordPress, Blogger and whatever other platforms are out there the BFYTW and be done with the censoring.