Don’t Send Your Child to School for Another Day Without Reading This First

stupid kids crossingby Dave Hodges

As a parent, I am one critical hombre, but I have nothing but praise for the educational opportunities that my son is experiencing, except in one area. The educators in my state and in your state lack courage, nor do they possess the fortitude to stand up to injustice. Unfortunately, a disturbing thing happened at my son’s parent/teacher conference this past week. My son’s teachers and their bosses are unwitting accomplices in the active dumbing down of the curriculum and they are all aware of this transgression being committed against the integrity of our children’s collective educational futures. Your children’s teachers, administrators and school board members are this generation’s answer to the “I was just following orders” crowd. These educators frequently state that “I see problems with Common Core, but it would not be good for me to speak out.” Our children need educators, administrators and school board members who have the courage to speak out against all injustices which impact our children. The educators in America are proving to be among the biggest sheep in the country.

Consequences to Common Core

Under Common Core, a student is not expected to take Algebra until 9th grade. When you and I were in school, we took Algebra in the 8th grade. This means that if our children progress through high school on the Common Core sequence, our children will not qualify for entrance into a four year college/university. This is called the dumbing down of America and our teachers are aware of this fact.


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