Dr Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Naomi Wolf: The End Of America

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Kevin M.
Kevin M.
1 year ago

Excellent interview. Sadly, I do agree this is the end of America, we are in the last ten years. Socialism by way of a “genocidal sociopathic elite” has snuck up on us silently, and is now making its final push (putsch). Of course, this push is being funded from outside the US, now with the cooperation of 2/3 of the US government which has been co-opted and extorted. If the Socialists control 2/3 of the government and courts and the entirety of the media narrative, then it is already too late to stop this. As Ms. Wolf relates, common citizens are powerless. We can only hope to create defensible enclaves somewhere where we might be able to sustain some freedoms, but very few will be able to escape the all-pervasive surveillance. After the fall of the US, leadership will devolve to Germany as the primary Western power. It is a little absurd to hear people discussing legal remedies, “referendums” or another “election”, when real resistance can only be accomplished by physical force and defense. “It is time to think the unthinkable”. China will not be the next superpower, but they are a tool being used by the hidden elite or corporate superpowers. Regarding Ms. Wolfs comments on racism, she expresses the somewhat naive or superficial American belief that every culture should accept every other culture into its matrix, or the “terrorists are people, too” mentality. There is a distinction which must take place about levels of civilization being inappropriate to mix, or being free NOT to mix. This freedom can lead to abuses, but it is also a necessary aspect of the freedom and peace of peoples. Islam and certain other belief or cultural systems are inherently antithetical to liberal democracy.