Ebola: Sierra Leone village in lockdown after 31 new cases recorded

Efforts to beat Ebola in Sierra Leone have been dealt a setback after 31 new cases were recorded in one village.

The community of 500 just outside the town of Makeni has now been put in lockdown by the army amid fears that more could be infected.

The World Health Organisation said cases had been linked to one man who escaped quarantine in Freetown to go to his village for treatment from a traditional faith healer.

The quarantine area is a fishing community, yards from the hotel where many workers from humanitarian agencies have stayed.

“On Sunday we had just five patients, it was really quiet,” said Bill Boyes, spokesman for the International Medical Corps (IMC) in Makeni.



Strange. According to the CDC, it does not appear that the exponential growth of Ebola in Africa is abating.

David DeGerolamo

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