EBT Card Outage?: It Is 8 Days Into June And Many Americans Are STILL Waiting For Food Stamp Money

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Widespread reports continue to pour in from all over the nation of “glitches” with the food stamp system.  It is eight days into the month and large numbers of people still have not received their benefits, and in other instances it is being reported that EBT cards are simply not working correctly.  So what in the world is going on here?  On downdetector.com there are scores of reports of problems with the EBT system from people all over the nation.  Could this simply be another example of government incompetence, or is something else at work here?

I had heard some rumblings about this over the past few days, but I had not really taken them seriously until I read an article from highly respected author Ray Gano

It interesting over the weekend I got several emails telling me about cell phones being down, internet being down, and get this, EBT cards not working and having no money associated to them.

This is a concern because when the US Government has payment failures, then there is possibly something happening that the press is not telling you about.


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Tom Angle
5 years ago

The best part of the story is this:”I forgot to add I tried calling NJ Board of Services and was on hold for over an hour. I had to hang up to take dog out, etc.”

I wonder if she thinks it is alright for the tax payers to pay for he dog also.

5 years ago

Many people genuinely need food stamps.
I think that it’s one of their tests to see how people behave when they don’t get the entitlements. Like a massive focus group.
The MSM is a propaganda arm not an information outlet.

Tom Angle
5 years ago
Reply to  Rani

I would argue many people do not “need” food stamps. Many just need to make better life choices, budget widely and learn some gardening skills.

Average Joe
Average Joe
5 years ago
Reply to  Tom Angle

Let individual communities decide if they want government to compete with charities. Let us not do it by Federal mandate.

Personally I never saw government as a charity and know the abuse that occurs when it is seen as one. After all government cannot give unless they take it from someone else.