A Cogent Analysis by Dr. Ley

UPDATE: When I said the masks have all come down, I was referring to those that the statists and leftists wear to camouflage themselves. I believe a mask as a biological protectant is a reasonable accompaniment to human interaction for the time being, remaining cognizant of their uses and limitations. A mask, like handwashing and hand sanitizer, like chemo protective agents (hydroxychloroquine?) DO NOT BULLETPROOF YOU. My wife wears a mask to protect herself, I wear a mask to protect myself and my patients.

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The next election is evolving into a referendum on managerial expertise. A choice between sterile safety secured by expert rule, or common sense and freedom. As a physician, I have respect and reverence for what science can accomplish, but always respect the balance it has with the “art” of the everyday, boots-on-the-ground practice of my craft.

The great problem in the scientific realm, speaking as, I suppose, an “applied” scientist, much like an engineer, is discerning the research, doctrine and dogma that is valid from that which is often wrong, deceptive, and even harmful. Just for kicks, search “peer-reviewed scientific papers withdrawn”. Get some popcorn and keep digging. The sheer number and the “respected” institutions involved is staggering.

Science, like every realm of life, is full of con artists, pretenders and flat-out liars. I tried bench science in the lab at MD Anderson; had some interesting, provocative findings that I could have parlayed into an academic career on the government grant teat, that MAYBE would have meant something. We spend a LOT of money on MAYBE in research. We spend a LOT of money in good stuff, too, though.

This “crisis” (media tip: inflammatory terminology gets views, hits and attention) has seen more decisions and disruptions based upon scant information, unknowns and maybes than I believe we have ever seen in history. I was among the early supporters of a brief shutdown; we faced an unknown quantity with reportedly severe population-wide consequences and it was obvious from the beginning that China and the WHO lied and obfuscated (POTUS proposed reestablishing our support for the WHO at 10% of the previous amount, equal to China’s….read that again and digest it).

As physicians, when confronted with such, we plan for the worst and walk it back once we learn more. It was obvious early on that this disease is severe in a small fraction of those infected, especially in certain subgroups, and we shouldn’t take it lightly. I’ve not stopped operating through this entire series of events. For a month or so I was at about 40-50% of my capacity…people continue contracting the same illnesses: cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, appendicitis, etc, that they normally do and for some reason we were told to pretend they didn’t.

Balderdash. Utter rubbish. Resistance to “walking it back” and reopening has been stiff, as a lot of petty tyrants have enjoyed the control and ideologues on the left side of the spectrum see opportunity. The media loves it as they have fodder for endless palaver and rumination to fill the 24-hour news cycle, something else with which to criticize and bludgeon POTUS, and a means to demonstrate their slavish devotion to the communists, err…excuse me, Democrats.

We have physicians in my state, Mississippi, a consistently reliable political “red” part of the map (funny how the right became “red”, isn’t it? Ponder that.), calling for those of us in support of reopening and easing restrictions to have our licenses to practice medicine sanctioned and revoked. To them I say “bring it”. Let’s play ball and see who wins. BFYTW.

Ley’s Law Number Three is “People are stupid and they will try to kill you”. I developed this when teaching my oldest daughter, now 35, to drive. It certainly has contemporary application.

I fear that this will not end well. Stay frosty, my friends.

Dr. Ley

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39 Responses to A Cogent Analysis by Dr. Ley

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  2. oughtsix says:

    Absolutely spot on. Thank you for the intelligence to see, the ability to communicate and the integrity to tell the truth.

    I’m hearing and seeing this basic message with increasing frequency.

  3. Tired dog says:

    Thx Doc, passes to my son, also a Doc.


    Good article. In regards to the useful idiot physicians in your state who still are parroting the Fauci-Brix Fascist line, this thought came to mind: How are they going to enforce their edicts? It goes back to the old question posed by Stalin to Churchill: “…how many divisions does the Pope have?” All of these collectivists at every level of the Leviathan can only implement their Karen Rules with the assistance of their Orcs and Orcettes who wear badges and carry handguns, or who wear Cammies and carry M-4 carbines.
    In my A/O of Winterfell (North Idaho), the folks are waking up at a growing rate. Even the Lieutenant Governor has trashed the Grinning Idiot Governor Little (appropriate, n’est ce pas?) for his lock-step dictatorial destruction of small business. And, the natives reacted appropriately to the Lard-Ass with a badge in Meridian, who jacked up the mother and her kids at the playground.
    I do not discount the severity of this disease. Since I am a boomer with a dicey immune system due to psoriatic arthritis, I take personal precautions. But, there is no doubt in my mind the Leviathan and the Deep State have used this crisis to see how far they can go to usurp what few real liberties we have left. I hope the true patriots in your A/O will channel the spirits of Nathan Bedford Forrest and John Singleton Mosby when the time comes. Bleib ubrig, doctor.

    • Minimalmed (@AskDrLey) says:

      Brace yourself, indeed. My wife is a transplant recipient, dob 1962. We are at Lowe’s. She is masked, shopping for herbs, living life. She hosted a live 3 hour radio show in-studio yesterday. We shall not cower in fear.

  5. 15Fixer says:

    I’m tired of hearing “stay safe.” My new farewell message is “Tempt Fate.”

  6. Tom says:

    Stay home stay safe.
    Go out and be dangerous.

  7. dj says:

    Would you issue exemptions for some of your patients?

    Wheras, Federal, State, Local and any public servant elected or paid by such has engaged in the procurement, evaluation, interpretation and communication of medical information with the intent to invoke orders, guidelines, rules, laws and other measures regarding the medical safety and disease prevention of the citizen’s of the United States of America.

    Whereas, medical safety is the responsibility of physicians, practiced in the art of medicine who have taken an oath to protect the medical safety, privacy, and disease prevention of their patients.

    Patient bill of rights

    Any patient may request from their physician written authorization of exemption from any and all government, corporation, hospital, insurance, pharmaceutical or biotechnology or other entity orders, guidelines, rules, laws, collection of patient medical information, and any other means.

  8. Tony says:

    I’m an anesthesiologist. I was essentially having to wear a hazmat suit at work, donned before every case, then doffed and discarded at the end. An N95 covered by a regular OR mask. Impermeable plastic gowns, gloves tucked into cuffs, face shields, eye protection, etc etc. And all this for every case, from the sick cardiac patient, to the 30 year old soccer mom getting a knee scope, to a five minute case placing ear tubes in a happy healthy toddler. The entire OR crew had to follow these guidelines as well, plus arcane and ridiculously onerous rules about who could enter and leave the OR relative to when others entered and exited. We all were completely obedient and unquestioning, until the day when I woke up and recognized all these rules for the Kabuki theater that they are. So, with no fanfare I just started practicing the way I always had, with common sense and my usual focus on reasonable patient safety. It was remarkable. As soon as the other staff members saw me doing cases without dressing up like an astronaut, it was as if a spell were broken. We all just quietly reverted to our usual practice. Covid testing when appropriate, our usual attention to hygiene, and we haven’t killed anyone yet!

    • Minimalmed (@AskDrLey) says:

      Most of our local tertiary hospitals are testing every patient prior to every procedure and often upon each admission. Considering the false negative and false positive rates of the various tests are unknown and/or unconfirmed, our small specialty hospital tests selectively based upon history of travel, exposure and illness, and the only incidents we have had was when a patient and a now-terminated prn staff member lied about recent travel. I am old enough to remember testing every pre-surgical patient; it was so cumbersome, inefficient and inconsiderate of the seronegative latency period that we would up with…wow… universal precautions.

  9. Thank you, Doc! I agree 100% with you. Every…repeat, EVERY scintilla of science, facts, politics, or life in America has been weaponized by the Bolsheviks. Witness this virus, the stats that morph and change daily, illegal orders from on high, and the whole kit and caboodle.

    The Bolsheviks want our freedoms, property, family and eventually our lives, since they operate on a worldview of total destruction and a culture of death. Their blueprint for humanity is “destroy the old” and WE--MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE--will rebuild our utopia for you.Their murderous cult has slaughtered millions in this bogus attempt at world domination.

    Our family, friends, and neighborhood defense group shall stay frosty as events unfold and can quickly transform to a white-hot heat should it be necessary to preserve life, limb, and property.

    We ain’t playin’ around. We feel we’re already at our 10 yard-line with our backs to the goalpost. A goal line stand will be set up with 11 up front, where it counts. We’re here a wee bit from Pittsburgh and the Steelers. Y’all will see one heck of an STEEL CURTAIN here if the game kicks off. DEFENSE…DEFENSE…DEFENSE.

    • oughtsix says:

      The best defense is but the prelude to a devastating offense.

      We’ve been on unbalanced and lame defense for a hundred years………………

  10. Wes Rhinier says:

    “Balderdash.” I literally spit my drink out when I read that… LOL.. Thanks for this article… Staying Frosty

  11. Ned Crabb says:

    The upside of watching the mask wearing, glove donning automatons, is that they are predominantly leftists and Karens.
    This has helped us identify more the Bolsheviks in our Area Of Operations. An invaluable observation for the coming times.

    Thanks for a timely and observant post Doc, much appreciated.

    • David says:


    • Minimalmed (@AskDrLey) says:

      The masks have indeed all come down.

    • William Williams says:

      I’ve “worn the mask” when in a doctors’ office or similar space, but overall seeing individuals wearing a mask outdoors etc. is an excellent “tell”.

      You now know the identity of those who are likely to be supportive of whoever, and whatever, is on the broadcast channels, no matter what it might be.

      • David says:

        So if I wear a mask to go to the store, you make the assumption that I will submit to whatever? How about when I went to the store wearing a mask and the man who was buying moon pies came up behind me and starting coughing. Strange that if I wear a mask, you make assumptions about my character. I do not have cable TV and our TV is just a picture frame for the past 6 weeks. I will continue to wear a mask and I encourage you to read Dr. Ley’s update on this article.

        • Same here, In upstate NY, EVERYONE, with a few exceptions are wearing masks out in public. But once out of public the masks are off. I wear one more for opsec purposes, because you never know who the snitches are and i would rather go unnoticed than be the nail that sticks up and gets hammered down. Heaping “mask wearers” into any kind of bucket is just ignorant. There are LOTS of ppl who are wearing masks just to blend in.

  12. robert orians says:

    My respect for medical science became tainted when just a lad watching the heartbroken Mothers carry their twisted little deformed children as a result of the thalidomide episode of history . It has not improved watching these scared little people scurry about as if G-ds wrath is upon them . I almost wish I could live a few more years to see it when His wrath does ” get frosty “. The GMO pandora box has been opened and there is no going back . Genetically Modified Medicine is coming your way . Trump has a vaccine plan and you all are invited . Just a few good sheep molecules and you’ll feel like new . Bahhhhhh !

    • Fr John+ says:

      G-d is not some unknowable deity. He has a name. Jesus.
      “Philip, if you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”

  13. I went to the dermatologist the other day. Simple procedure to remove a dark spot. The office insisted that I wear a mask, they took my forehead temp-ridiculous on its own, and everyone had to sit 6 feet apart. My doctor, a nice older gent, showed up in mask, gloves, etc. I said “Look, I am taking this stupid mask off. You can’t see my what my problem is!”. He smiled but kept his anti-cootie gear on.
    The world has gone crazy. Nature’s best disinfectant is sunshine and fresh air. I am going to the grocery store without my assigned medical burka, and I am not apologizing. My employer wants everyone to wear “the mask and the gloves” and practice social distancing. I am refusing-I hate communists.

  14. Todd says:

    This article brings some welcome relief -- I thought I was the only one who thought along these lines. In fact, I was recently sharing with others that I felt, at the onset that quarantine made sense, given the little info we had, and much of that was from disreputable sources. You can’t trust anything communists tell you, it’s all self serving. The past 6 weeks or so has been a parade of fear mongering and politicians doing what they do best; avoiding doing anything that might reflect negatively upon them. They must see the same data I see, yet the Shrill calls For lockdown, and shaming for anyone who refuses to muzzle (mask) themselves continues. A local park had restrooms open last week. This week, there is a notice that since they have to sanitize every 2 hours, they’ll limit hours the restrooms will be open for use. Restrooms off limits from noon Saturday until 7am Monday. Almost like sanitation is more of a “normal staff hours” thing. I let my councilman know how stupid this is -- even cdc has finally groked that this virus is almost impossible to pass on via surface contacts, despite all the nifty videos with glowing concoctions being spread about -- it is so true that people see what they want. If your driven by fear and shame, you are marching to the wrong drummer. I always ask the “mask or die” people this question: What will you think as we look in the rear view mirror months or years from now at what we allowed the political class to do to us? What will you do if all that you thought was true turns out to have been lies? And, why would you, yes you little social media poster who always questions the government, suddenly trust every single utterance of this clown car now? I know why, I wonder if they’ll ever figure it out.?

  15. Minimalmed (@AskDrLey) says:

    When I said the masks have all come down, I was referring to those that the statists and leftists wear to camouflage themselves. I believe a mask as a biological protectant are a reasonable accompaniment to human interaction for the time being, remaining cognizant of their uses and limitations. A mask, like handwashing and hand sanitizer, like chemo protective agents (hydroxychloroquine?) DO NOT BULLETPROOF YOU. My wife wears a mask to protect herself, I wear a mask to protect myself and my patients.

  16. (funny how the right became “red”, isn’t it? Ponder that.)

    Funny? No it was a deliberate changing of the zebra’s stripes. When the networks (establishment media) first used the red/blue election map (Reagan-Carter 1980) it was the Democrat states that were designated as red. That was a little too telling and had to be changed. Liberals make my skin crawl. (ht -- S.M. Barry)

  17. TheAlaskan says:

    Common sense, to me, dictates I wear a mask when I go to the grocery, which I do. Most don’t where I am in Alaska. I don’t care. I”m a single dad with small children. I haven’t the luxury for any sickness, let alone covid.

    I knew another Doctor with common wisdom like yourself. He was our family doctor who still did house calls well into his eighties. He had come to our house way past midnight to check on me, a child, because I had a very high fever. My dad, worried, called him. When he was done working on me, my dad asked him how he stayed so young looking at his age. Dr Kiener said as he was leaving, “I never listen to doctors.”

  18. Michael says:

    I agree. Wholeheartedly.
    So this is where we are, my question is, where will we be a year from now?

    • David says:

      A question for which there is no answer. We don’t know the truth about the virus after 6 months. No R0 value, no case fatality rate, no agreed upon treatment and no hope.

      I place my trust and hope in the Lord. I do think we will have some answers shortly as South America and Africa are overrun. How much civil unrest will occur in the world as well as the economic fallout will also be known shortly.

  19. mikrat says:

    “…(funny how the right became “red”, isn’t it? Ponder that.)…”

    Funny, I’ve always wondered how the “Conservative” chest pounders embraced that too. They sure seem happy about it. Someday they’ll wake up.

  20. Dirk says:

    Play the game, win left praise. Don’t play the game, you win EVERYTIME. Could care less about what some knucklehead in DC, says,or does.

    Their lips move, their lying.

    Guy at Home Depot told me yesterday, hey you don’t have your mask on. I said, I don’t have anybodies mask on. He offered to go to his car and get me one. I suggested that if he were that worried, he go to his car, get in and haul ass.

    Pretty sure I didn’t make a NEW friend. Dang it!.

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